Thursday, March 10, 2011

Myanmar Girl name Noe Noe

Her name is Noe Noe, I always make fun of her name " Noe Noe, no no no... "

She has a sweet smile with look of eighteen, in fact she is already 24 this year. Noe Noe is my new Myanmar friend at my working place. She has been working in Malaysia for 7 months after finished her high school, meanwhile, her parents has already living here for 15 years.

That day, she told me....
"I want to congrat you as a student now..."  then I asked her why.
.... she said she wish to be a student too, however, her family not able to afford her fees as both of them working as a factory worker only. Her wish to study sound so easy for us but too big for her...

Noe Noe told me education is very expensive in her country, most of the people manage to finished their high school level only. Even so, studying in high school also require them to pay about RM300+ every month. She lets me realize how good quality of life I'm living now, at least our government never neglect the important of education and provide everyone of us with the opportunity been able to study in school ALMOST FREE!

Noe Noe like our working place because is surrounded with student working part-time here. Albeit the time I know her is really short, her sharing and experience let me even more appreciate with all what I have now...How great it is we can go to school....  I would like to thank to my lovely country for giving me (us) the opportunity to go to school, and everyone too.

Dear Noe Noe, I really wish that you can continue your study when you have the ability in the future...
Because Learning is a never ending process... 

CheiZuTinBarTe, Noe Noe  :)


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