Friday, March 26, 2010

Beautiful First Time

~This is the first time~

More photos will upload 2molo.
Of course, Full Length pix of my Bridesmaid Gown.....  * wink *

Tried for few gown for wedding 2molo and was so shy because has to REMOVE bra with the assist of lovely lady who helps me to wear gown........
She saw liao loh.

But i think she already used to see "TWO" this since she is working at the Bridal House, Haha.


Saturday, March 20, 2010


Recently, few women grabbed my attention on them. Of course, they are definitely good or bad.
A woman, I got sick of her attitude and the feeling is getting stronger especially in this semester. Well, being able to see her grow to maturity is certainly a great thing pleased for her. You might think that I nurse jealousy on her but this is solely MY observation.

You may condemn me ( You Idiot think Too much!) but HEY.... this is what I see: I mean ---> ME only.
Not really feel comfortable with how she speaks in ExTRa High Tone and her "Overflow" confident let me feel sick, so ANNOYING. If her IMAGE arised in your mind now (the same woman you think as I think) when you are reading my blog, Thats mean YOU actually also feel in that way as I feel. Isnt? AHA!

 I am glad IF she really found confident and identified what she wants in her own life but .... I like and missing more the PRE-TRANSFORM her. Maybe this is the side effects followed with the Positive Reinforcement in certain performances.

Another woman, I want to talk about ( I am such A woman, talk a lots too. Ahem.) HER. She might LOOKS like very efficient and Incredible in first impression but probably NOT that true until now. Her incredible comment wasn't valid for me (personally) because I think she talked Nonsense depends on her mood, unpredictable in bad sense.... So WOMAN. I'm thinking probably she WILL/DID bias or special on me because of certain unaccountable relationship involved some other that I only realize recently. Maybe there are people thinks that I'm malicious to build relationship with SOMEBODY, but think about this: Do you think they are Donkey or NUT been able fool by me? I appreciate all these knowledgeable people around me and my life is Amazing because of them ....

I think she knows, she KNEW it.
Sometimes, Facebook really is terrible for one's privacy.
He told me: No ones is bothering about her, Don't have to be worry.
Yea.... I agree.

Quote from the editor of MrDefiniteLee's blog,
- People are so 2000 and Late ( Kenneth, 2010)

One more Woman, not goin to talk much about her.
-- She was DAMN lost during her presentation....... as usual.
I cant help locked my eyes on her SPECIAL CARE HAIR and her BOOB nearly bows out from the loosen button. OUCH!

Thanks Men, for calling me WOMAN.


This Is It



Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't Rape me

I really mind and feels sucks since this early morning.
The mark has been printed out and it really screw up my morning. To be frank, I really feel a hard time in this semester especially when you have to commit with the thing that you never like it, BUT you have to. It is "exclusively" SUCKS!

Yea, as she said: I'm the one who is marking your work.
She win!
What more can I defend for myself especially creativity and aesthetic are very subjective, in the end is the matter of Like or Dislike. I Hate it! Serious!
I really gave my best and this is the maximum that I can make- means: Low marks loh.
Dissatified and Anger filling me as I rarely gets this F***ing low marks for most of my assignment works and I stuck with these Software Editing deal now. Aiy.... Some more is coming now which my work got condemned by her again during this "LOVELY MORNING". WTH!

I like my piece of work and I think it is great for ME. However, it doesnt seem to look like very "commercial" as the one in the market now. So, It means -----> TERRIBLE lah!
Now what I should do is to make my Work becoming COMMERCIAL and make her the artwork which SHE LIKES instead of ME LIKE.

OHHHH! sucks! sucks! sucks!
I really don't understand why, why, why every piece of Art couldnt stand for her own beauty and we HAVE TO make changes on ourselves to cater the flavor of these popular market.
It was a sorrow.

Please Don't Rape my creativity and Inspiration.
Release Me!!!

Adobe Illustrator Assignment: My Fruit Drink Packaging Design ( Watermelon Juice)

Photoshop Assignment: My Music Album Cover ( Genre: Sentimental, Concept: Gravestone)
* Under working*

So How?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

농무 귀여워요 ~ very cute

Today, my korean lecture let me to translate this passage orally during the class. I feel funny and shy when I speak out loud the content of the passage. Learning, always has to start from the beginning just like you learn ABC before you able to write a proposal in English for your assignment. Learning is fun and today, I feel myself like a kid.... very cute.

one of the paragraph from the Korean passage (Letter):

보고  싶은  어머게 ( mother who I missed so much )

어머님 인녕하세요? (mother, how are you) 조는 서울에서 잘 지내요. (I spent my life well at Seoul)
서울 생화이 아주 재미있어요. (Seoul's life is very interesting) 학교 공부도 재미있어요. (my study at Seoul also interesting) 그리고 친구들도 믾아요. (So, I have many friends)그런데 집이 좀 불편해요. (however, my house cause me incovenience) 와냐하면 집에서 샤워힣 수 없어요. (thats because my shower couldnt be use) 그래서 다음 주에 이사할 거에요. (thats why, I am moving house next week) 친구 사라 집에서 살 거에요. ( I will stay at my friend, Sara's place)

..... .......... .. ..

힌국어은 재미있으니까?  :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


无意的 在滑鼠上按一按,却按出了百感交集的 哀叹,那爱的哀叹。
现在回想 那过去式是多么的真实,你也是那么的活脱脱 没有掩饰的那么可爱。

爱情 就好像一夜情吗?
结果只能是 女朋友或陌生人 择其一?
讨厌它的后遗症,就算火焰般的热吻也无法驯服那令人迷恋的 过去。
但是 迷恋只有过去才开始耐人寻味。


说 说你爱我,
难道我会不知道 爱情有保险期吗?
美丽是因为 它有遗憾和无奈。

因为我已经发现了 爱情的真相。

他说:给我两个不结婚的理由- 我的爸爸 和 我的妈妈。

Friday, March 5, 2010

From Creative


To be frank, I really suffering with all the assignment: especially when it comes to creativity. Oh Gosh! You have to understand creativity wasnt the product placed in the supermarket that you can grab and go. I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N !!!

I need creativity to come out with storyline which not repeating again and again for my Scripwriting.
I need creative concept for my Photoshop assignment: Cover of a Music Album.
I need creative Big Idea for my Media Planning: Macbook Pro Advertising Campaign.
I need creative to put in Malaysia Case Study example for my Communication Theories Report.
I need creativity to apply appropriate Literature Review for my Communication Research Method.

Give me more time lah..
My creativity is temporary OUT OF STOCK !!!
How to carry on when has not been Inspire?!

Please come again Next Time......


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Earth is Dangerous!

Firstly, I would like special mention about Mr.D a.k.a Kenneth sealed me with such a Great Honour as one of his TOP 5 Most Influential Person in his Amazing Life!

This is really something for me as I never think that I would be somebody in others people life, especially people who actually wiser and more knowledgeable than me far behind.... Too much for me to take this compliment from him as I wasnt that good as you think. But, I really appreciate and precious it. Kenneth, you really being a good fren of mine! He helped me lots on my study without charging me any " consultation meal" ohh.....   LOL.

Thanks, my fren.
Is really such my pleasure, Great Pleasure of mine.... Seriously.

Recently, I'm quite struggling whether should I continue practice in this way or not?
Struggling between my rasionale and emotion, so bad. Aiy.... How lah?
So afraid, the nightmare would fall on me and I believe..... one day soon... urg!
Human being wasnt easy, so complicated and disturbing.

My research question : How to become a Good Human Being?
It's really a battle field between my mind and my desire, feels sucks!
Anyone, solve the problem?


Why the situation doesnt appear as I wish when I think: That's it !
Is this the classic scenario likes drama plays on Tv screen: when she loves you but he doesnt loves her or He loves you but you never have any feeling on him? something like that.... Hate it.
Hmmm... just bear with it now, we will see what happend next loh.... Tears or Laughter? Split Personality?

*Change topic*
I'm seriously piss off and felt disturbing with my presentation on Research Method this morning, F***!

Hey, come on lah...
I had prepared my proposal and the slide shows for few days in a row, and only slept when almost about morning. What is she thinking to "fast forward" and skipped my presentation slide as running out of time. WTH! Now who is the person who gave Long-winded comment on previous presenter which spent longer time than a presentation.... and This is was she did to me in the end of the story lah!

I felt not been respected and everything seem to screw up.....
She really make me feel unhappy about it. So, I have to meet her again to get her feedback if not I wouldnt carry on my research next. Aiy~  Kanasai lah....

The other lecturer also terrible! She is seriously sickening!!!!
You will score marks if you written the thing which she "thinks" she likes and vice versa.... So, I have to REFORMAT myself in order to adopt with what she likes, then only I will score an average! Is this the ugly truth or actually I'm the problem of it? She simply makes me feel that THE CREATIVITY OF STUDENT HAS BEEN "TANWOOIYEELISM" loh... 
Quote from my ex-Broadcasting II lecturer: Cheap! (Teddy Beh, 2009)

... more thing I would like to share before I finish my last line and go to sleep. My admirer said currently he is too busy on his works, so he decided no to court me anymore......  = =;'  Wahahaha, funny? I also really have no idea about this! sweat!
Human being are such a complicated and hardly understanding creature....

Earth is very dangerous, I better get back to my planet !!!