Saturday, April 26, 2014


What is your goal to achieve?

12 Dec 2013, I got my ticket to the new chapter of life --To Korea!
My ideal plan was to spend 3 months time in Korea then depart to NZ for next working holiday, unfortunately I can't get myself a seat this year, hopefully 2015. Why Korea? No other special reason, simply whenever allow me to get away from where I am now  (sick with concrete jungle), ANYWHERE I DO!

After long waited for about 4 months, I'm ready to fly TOMORROW!!!
Of course there is preparation works for these 3 months (maybe longer) journey away from home....

1. Get myself a Backpack
:: As the time I'm leaving is also my birthday month, my uni old schoolmates share partial of the total amount as my birthday gift. Thank You, Guys!

Buy here if you're interested (only available purchase online):

Forclaz Ultralight 50 QUECHUA

Farewell & B'thday Gathering 2014

2. Switch to Prepaid (Digi)
:: I was using postpaid line for telco services but I found out it only allow temporary suspension for max 2 months. You need to call to telco customer service line to active back (charges RM10) and suspend again for the next 2 months. Ok, this definitely sound stupid for someone overseas for more than 2 months. So, I visited to telco service center and change a new sim card (switch prepaid with same number) where you only need to subcribe super long life plan (1 year validity period) in RM30.

3. Find a Car Park
:: 在吉隆坡,寸土是黃金。The average rental for a car park lot in KL range between Rm130-RM180 monthly (yes, Is EXPENSIVE to own a car here). How much I need to save for a parking fees during the time I'm not in the country, NO NO NO. It absolutly doesn't worth the money to pay, luckily I've a friend who do not have a car but car park! With little amount RM60 paid (one off) for a parking access car, I can park my car at villa here as long as I want, anytime I want. Thousand thanks to my lovely friend, Kenneth!


Quiet & Cozy Home

More Coming!