Friday, December 31, 2010

How I met your wife

It was 6:35 in the morning full of gas finished of the alcohol, after meeting with the new friends from my new working place. *hint--- an insect!

I can't believe it when I SEE your wife is walking around front of me at the pub with short skirt (really short and black stocking, just like HOW exactly she looks in the pictures of Facebook. Never thought... it was about 3 in the morning when I see her still hanging around with a bunch of friends, talking and laughing LOUD sitting in the corner; now I start to understand about you.
No wonder...

Chilled with new friend of lecturer (Hardcore!!!) and two Indie musician (Looks like Ah Beng who claim others as LaLa...) reminds me there is once we used to chill together till 4 in the morning, and that was Sugar Cane without Ice..  and also too.



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my 2011 resolutions

This could be the last post possible in this year (yea....I mean 2010) KERANA I'm very busy, is very very very busy that type! I was walking like a zombie to the working place after another numbly , with little conscious that "Keep The Feet Moving"...... 

Again, I also dunno why so coincidently writing this post on the 2nd day working for my another "new" work place, The Bee as this post before: Click Here! Yea, I'm currently working TWO part-time job at...

" your neighbourhood food
and drink hangout that proudly serves fuss-free
food, quality coffee and a wide variety of
beverages. Located in the Section 17,
neighborhood surrounded by offices,
 residents, universities and colleges" 
                         - The Bee

It looks I'm trying to torture myself till die (nearly....), as you can guess the reason surely IS because of Money$$$$$$$$$! Next year which is after next few day would be 2011 indicates the last year of my university life as a student and there is few goals that I always wish to achieve but yet to be complete. I Hope and Wish that I manage to accomplish those "Things To Do" in my list within next year as those goals require an amount of financial ability (which is why I'm working like a cow right now) and Persistency! I realize (not too late, I think?) there is no more time keep me waiting and I'm almost there getting into another stage of life as an real adult in the society, one year or 365 days simply gone in the blink of an eye without notification like Facebook huh......  

At the moment, I can't give any preview of my "2011 Resolutions" yet, albeit I really wish to share with you here as the "Things to do" is still in planning with more details to be confirm and arrangement that take times to be process. I will share the good news with you if it happened to make it and the 2nd "Thing to do" require LOTS of courage and confident to be done which I dun think is suitable to be unveil here; Nope, it is definitely not Tatoo (I've the thought before though) and Nope, is not Bungy Jump for sure! Malaysian is not that daring and the culture is not in the country (yet? I assume) to do "Thing" that I want to do next. 

Because I appreciate the time and the role being a student, I've to say I really did enjoyed much with my dear coursemates (it has to be in a Gang for sure) with lots of laughter and fun; not forgotten the bad time that we had in tears and awful moments too (thats why lah can't forget!). I love both the good times and the bad times had together with YOU. Thanks for coming in my life and make one of the pieces of the precious memories. We might be close friend or might be stranger after all this while, however, I want to say Thank You.....   to you.. 

Grab the time and achieve the goal that you want so badly while you can (sometimes, something only can be done when you're still a student), Go! Go! Go! So, how about you?
What is your resolution for 2011?
Alrite, unless you're now 18-teens........... 

Read at least one book a week?
Keep fit with waist in 24 or Get yourself a husband/Wife? (your same wish every year, kan?)
Naw, do something BIG lah! Come On!!! 

--  Happy -- 
                           * Shinn
Upcoming New Year to you! 
^3^  muacks!!! 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Something that I like







大约马币20零吉(如果没记错的话) 。

我的玉玺- 零八年,刻。




最近风靡的DSLR相机,走在街上几乎人人胸前都挂着一台大机器;我的compact camera只好乖乖呆在包包里,为我的部落格拍一些“水水”的照片就好了。还记得去年(去年而已!)刚买的时候可是当下最新款式的随身相机嘢,真的是日新月异的时代。DSLR相机人人都有,那就没什么酷啦;这个就Very Cool 啦~

Camera Lens Mug!


我在The Curve的跳蚤市场里,发现有人在兜售Camera Lens Mug (惊喜!),只可惜价码太高了。大约是马币70-80零吉,其实我真的挺喜欢,不过还是勒紧裤头要紧点。在这小小的地方里,和你分享也不错。不然,若你有DSLRlens的话,不妨借给我泡杯热呼呼的咖啡,让我满足一下心里头的欲望吧!!!(咋舌)还有另一种容器,我也很想拥有,不过这难度铁定高多了。如果你发现了,切记切记赶紧知会我一声!我是认真的! 若是你非常渴望想送我的话,我也不会拒绝的~ 哈哈哈!!!

皮水囊 ( 古时候将军用的“botol”)



Thursday, December 23, 2010


机缘巧合之下,朋友拜托我帮忙为她的3位男生友人化装,因为他们参加了漫画爱好者的年度盛事— Comic Fiesta 2010! 托他们的福,这份差事我可是乐在其中,让我之前对角色扮演(Cosplay) 这事完全改观。身在漫画人物的世界里面,不禁让我萌起跃跃欲试的念头,Oops!


入门票 RM15

漫画爱好者--- - -   排队购票。 


事前知道要帮他们化装,事先上网搜寻扮演角色的相关资料和神韵,担心自己的三角猫功夫可会搞砸了他们的“完美”扮演,挺压力的说。希望他们会喜欢我为他们画上的装扮咯!因为这次的“特殊”化妆而学习到漫画角色扮演的化妆重点是“完美的肌肤和大眼睛”!!!创造完美“肌肤”的代价就是as thick as possible (foundation) for the flawless skin.... ..

Sasuke Itachi 

Kaito Vocaloid 

Naruto Shippuden

4th Hokage- Minato Minakaze

Naruto's and Father

Favourite Cosplay of the day- Death Note (breath-taking!)

Bleach (you want to cut your steak?)

The most disgusting of the day, yucks!!!

** ————————————————————————   **
** ————————————————————————   **

Early bird look of my hair, it was 6 in the morning with Nian Shou.

Teh Tarik Bao Zai is 18th years old, young and fun!!! 

Walter is the cosplayer looks like the most.

Cosmic Fiesta 就好像漫画爱好者的年度大派对,大家聚在一起玩乐,扮下嘢共襄盛举!在漫画的世界里面,cosplayer都是一个大家族:我只记得你在那一集(anime)里面爱上我或是下一集里杀了我!不过,你也有可能同时看见“许多”个我,哈哈哈!(多人扮演的热门角色)

Cosplay Fun!



时间为我拣写年轻生命的经历和不羁的回忆。虽然也有那些令人难受的,难过的和非常难过的时候,那些对我来说是更加可贵的插曲。人们常常说:忘掉那些不好的曾经吧;啻,不管是好的回忆或是坏的回忆都是属于 “你” 回忆的一部分,除非你患得了失忆症还是白痴(另当别论)。

我爱看电影,特别是电影的对白容易启发我对事情的看法和观念(Credit to the Scriptwriter!)。 电影 [Eat Pray Love] 的对白说过:当你遭遇没有办法比你再更恶劣的事情的时候,就是天就快亮起来的时候。如果不用西方电影打比方,套近来火热的香港连续剧 [义海豪情]的九妹说的:天在最暗最暗的时候,就是天就快亮的时候。很励志吧?哈哈哈!

因为钱大过天,所以只好逗留在“异乡”漫漫的度过将近一个月的假期。朋友们都回乡去了,这里也顿时人去楼空;还好有兼职至少时间容易打法一点,还有那无敌的网络电视是我最好的朋友了。因为是落单的,所以逢佳节更是会感触良多 (emo 一下咯) ~ 
 冬至这天,如果没吃汤圆感觉好像很可怜,感谢我的Housemate和男友已经煮好了汤圆待我下班回来后可以嚼一嚼(虽然当初是我提议的),自己一个人坐在电脑前面自个儿嚼。至少在那hujan lebat后还有一碗热汤捧在手里。。。


(Courtesy of Nelson Chin)

最感人的故事是那一夜,朋友亲自从家里delivery的爱心汤圆,十分感谢她的用心。虽然那高级南瓜包裹的花生糖圆(姜汤)有点辣,可是还是很美味。谢谢你, Mei Ling ( Aunty, 你煮的汤圆很好吃!)还有相伴吃汤圆的“金童玉女”,你们做得很好!哈哈!

过两天就是Chiristmas Day, 希望我不会在家里对着荧幕上的YouTube唱陈奕讯的[ 圣诞结 ]吧~
还是阿桑所唱[ 叶子 ]的那样:“孤单 是一个人的狂欢;狂欢 是一群人孤单”?I need a Christmas Date, People Out There!!!  LOL! 和往年一样,我也准备了小小的圣诞礼物送给4位朋友, 今年特别意义深重的朋友。还记得,去年我送了圣诞脸巾,小地球仪和车子造型的滑鼠给3位朋友,今年的圣诞节我们都不同了。。。

星洲日报同事送的 **圣诞糖果**
飘落的圣诞雪花是我对你的祝福和 谢谢你。=)

                  **     **     **     **     **     **     **     **     **     **     **     **     **     **                 

                 Have a Merry Christmas, my frens!!!              


Thursday, December 9, 2010

What you see is what I do

This is the second day I worked at Sin Chew Daily....  with glamorous name " Assistant Editor" (助理编辑)! Yes, the job scope of my Glamorous post is Copy and Paste! .....  Probably you're wondering what so hard about "copy and paste, let me tell you: 
               .... ..   I copy and paste VERY NICELY.. ... Hahaha! 

Basically, I've to copy the news from the sources and integrate with headline, pictures and whatever you read (see) from the online news, and I'm responsible for Guang Ming Daily (光明日报) at the moment as beginner. I hate the mouse of my working desk, yes..... the mouse which you can "right click" because it was damn not sensitive at all, thats mean it takes more time to let me finish my tasks. The situation reminds me a Chinese proverb:功欲善其事,必先利其器. I wonder when the office will helps me to 利其器 huh...  

My right hand is like nearly "broke" with so much of news has to be organize and categorize..... upload and publish on time so that YOU can receive the SIZZLING HOT NEWS of the day! Proud to say, what you read is what I do.... feeling amazing, albeit I'm just a little character in this Giant Media Company  =)

Truly, I was astonished that the "method" or "system" to update the news online is still in traditional ways really raised my eyebrows as Sin Chew Daily is well known as the newspaper with the highest Chinese readership in the country and the mouse is terrible... ...  

   Few news that I published today, Hmm.... 

                                        Click Guang Ming

Free newspaper copy given by the office ^^ 

Access card for staff only.....  Dee! 

Sin Chew !!! 


Monday, December 6, 2010

It moves!

I knew it when Mr Harry Potter (Lecturer) puts his hand on forehead with "OMG" expression and Mr Makenthira has "No Comment" as well, sad loh ... .. 

At least it moves lah, Ok? Blek! What the heck we've to do all this which has nothing to do with B.R.O.A.D.C.A.S.T.I.N.G huh? Multimedia is always my nightmare throughout all the courses because I'm big sucks in this, OUCH! Well, if you remember I got a C+ for my fruit drink packaging (See Here!) and CD album cover design in Multimedia Tools and Advertising..... 

yea, this is my "sexy back"... ( I admitted ada Photoshop lah, Hehe!)

..... and B- for the design of website with theme "Give the Past a Future" in Multimedia Design and Application which nearly left me for death with sarcastic remark on my poor group members as cucumber (he worn line shirt) and tea- lady....  He deserved for the nasty evaluation from the students in the end, who do you think I'm referring else huh.  

Home page of  the website: Wau Studio
The idea of the website is to educate the audience about the tradition game of Malaysia through interesting and fun experience following the step in making wau and PLAY!

 Home Page

Select your favorite location to Play!

 Wau! Wau! Wau!

Well, no matter how much and how hard we make the effort..... my dearest lecturer don't buy the idea of our website and like I said before, at least it MOVES! I'm trying to share the flash with you guys, somehow I'm got stuck with the format to upload, too bad....  The flying wau with song Rasa Sayang.. 

Sekali lagi, we did Multimedia Broadcasting AGAIN...  (for me, it just the matter of different name with same stuff, I wonder the design of the course structure was all a big con...?) 
Sigh. My Choice.... (University's Tagline)

Tell me, whats the different with the "Creative and Design" that we've done between Multimedia Tools for Advertising, Multimedia Design & Application ...... and Multimedia Broadcasting huh? When I didn't get any A some more, damn it! Thanks God, NO MORE multimedia for any coming semester till the day I die graduate.... 

The Iban Lady

The idea of the flash video is to promote a Malaysia Culture programme (again!): Daun Green with animation TV promo. We created this 30 sec TV promo with mascot- Si Daun (I've no idea whether it is a cat? fox? or maybe Doraemon) brings the audience to the journey and know more about native Iban in every episode. Say no more, let's watch and PLEASE don't put your hand on your forehand after 30 sec, Hahaha!  

Your feel good Channel, Babe!

Mascot (Si Daun) and Animation : Windy
Character Illustration 
Iban Lady                                : Proud of myself!
Farmer                                     :  Wood
Background and accessories     : Justine

...... I know it not gonna be either A-  A  or  A+  in anyway..  but,
                                                     ...... It MOVES.. ... 


Friday, December 3, 2010

Life still goes on

" Khun Sermsuk, Sa ba:y di: mai? "  (which means How're you, Ms Sermsuk)

She is affable with warm smiles as usual sitting alone outside the lecture hall waiting for her students though was already half an hour gone. Khun Sermsuk has magic attraction, gentle and soft speaking always get near to my heart just like a kind granny. You feel like want to tell her everything inside yourself and share with her, albeit she is already 71 years old but her heart stay young like us. 

I miss her so much, how I wish I can attend her Thai class again and maybe because of her, I love everything about Thai.... .. To be frank, I seldom get A for my course except Thai Language and Radio Broadcasting, most probably has to fall for the lecturer first before you wants an A? 

I'm kinda of morose and a bit feeling hurt today, is complicated to say in anyway....  Meeting Khun Sermsuk and had a little chat with her let me feel comforted. She seems like understand my bitter and thats why she is there for me..... Angel from Thai? She told me her husband has passed away in the early of this year, however, she is very optimistic told me no matter how it was " Life still goes on". I was inspired by her, if she could conquered the death of her beloved one why not me to confront the struggles of life? 

Thank you, Khun Sermsuk for your words. 
You definitely mean more than just a lecturer for me  =)

May you stay happy and healthy forever!
you're lovely angel... ...


Monday, November 29, 2010

Dead meat Promise

" I promises I'd stay. 
You promised Abah (father) that you'd never hurt me. 
And Jason promised that he'd never leave me.
 It's modern times, sayang (dear). "

Orked said this to his husband in movie Gubra when she found his husband is actually having affair with some other woman. In the end, she didn't kept her promise to stay because as she said, this is a modern times. Though is not about relationship for my situation, however, is the matter of the "promise". Her words can't describe even better how my feeling today, I'm felt gloomy, promise is that fragile and weak for the people nowadays, the people that I care....

My friend told me that I easily get infuriate and I never realize until he told me so. Well, I've to admit that what he said might be true, I know myself is an impatient person. Whether or no, what happened today really pissed me off though I'm trying not to show on my face, I didn't want to mess up the situation when thing is work in a rush right now. If someone could tell me, is the issue itself has already goes too far or am I easily get infuriate now? Sigh.

I felt extremely cold sitting at the open air of cafe when the rain was so heavy and the wind chill so much, I never thought to move myself inside because I wish the weather could cold me down and calm my soul.... Perhaps it really works, albeit it sound like dumb dumb to you. Well, at least you don't wish to see me go and punch people, rite? 

Why why why? 
Promise is just another dead meat for you, isnt? 
Or it simply a Noun with empty value? Please don't make any promise, even a little "Ok" when you fail to put into practice because you're letting people heart broken without conscious though you're not intend to do so. 

Stuck in the heavy rain, I read my book and listening to Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang..... the melody sound extraordinary beautiful and sweet in the raining day. Perhaps the chilly raining day did comforted my heart   =)

Bang Bang..... my baby shot me down


Friday, November 26, 2010


古装片的千军万马在沙尘滚滚的天地挥洒豪迈和威武,时常让我看得热血沸腾!盖世英雄的男儿气概却不失谈吐流露的智谋,特别是古典的文言文和令人动容的 “出处” (不清楚正确的名词)。

徐克电影 (2009)

其中有一幕,狄仁杰(刘德华)的造型让我的眼前一亮,我还暂缓播放中的电影,再回播 “端详” 一番,哈哈。惊艳!



 造型 1 (我爱 天后的两道眉~)
 造型 2 (可惜,找不着正面的图片)
 造型 3 (天后登基)
造型 4 (夜明珠的 “睡衣”)

“ 天意兆炯,我自独行


吴宇森 (2010)


这部电影让我记忆深刻的是主题曲,是由萨顶顶和吴青峰合唱 (苏打绿乐团),武打电影促成意想不到的火花~  

“ 佛陀阿难出家前,在道上见一美貌少女,从此爱慕难舍。 

佛祖问他 你有多喜欢那少女 阿难回答:

“ 我愿化身石桥,