Wednesday, April 28, 2010

March into Immigration Malaysia

This was the THIRD TRIED, I decided to give a damn to Immigration again this morning!
 I already self psychology prepare that today is not goin to be easy based on my previous SHIT experiences before....


Time check, 10:24am
Let's Open up the eyes and see how Efficient Our Deary Gov's Department works .....

Whats the Hell wrong with this Gov thing today?
Damn F*** fast and so efficient! It was my turn within 45 minutes time and make the payment then.
The entire application process smoothly accomplished in ONE HOUR time!

It was UNBELIEVABLE! Walao Eh!
How Could It Be???!
Probably their Senior Management were here for spontaneous surveillance today?

" Kutip passport anda 2 jam kemudian selepas membuat Bayaran."

While Waiting....

The mamak selling REASONABLE food after survey around ....

With my Comm Theories Notes and Murtabak Daging ( so so ...)

After an hour half ....

Passport for Vacation.... I GOT IT! 

Do you want to see How my passport inside looks like?
The differences between my Old and Renewal Passport ...... Jern Jern Jern !

and you has to Manually CLOSE your MOUTH
after the step you goin to do NEXT
Scroll Down
slowly....... ....


Clear? Do you need Closer?


You know how much I STRUGGLE only decided to SHARE with you guys, aiks  ...

Close your MOUTH, DAMN IT!

Bling~ Bling~  Renewal Passport !!

This photo was taken during Form 6....
This one look much more better than the previous one lah Hor~
Thanks God!

Do NOt Want To See You Again ArHHH.... Immigration!

Date: 28 April 2010
Venue: Immigration Malaysia Damansara
Duration: 10:24am - 1:30pm (3 Hours)
Cost: RM 16.50 (Cab)

* Closed File *

PHUKET!  I'm COming !!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


“有一种失望,没有眼泪,只像一声低沉的叹息,像一份淡淡的哀愁,甚至还能够带着苦涩的微笑。 譬如说,他答应了你的事没做,他在你想见他的时候没来见你,他在你需要安慰的时候没有张开双臂给你一个温暖的怀抱,他做不到你想他做的事,他又对你撒谎了。如此种种,也不是头一次了,但你还是会失望。然而,你再也不会像头一次那样掉眼泪,再也不会当他的面说出来,只会埋藏在心底最深处,跟自己说:


( 有一种失望:我爱过所以我活过,张小娴)。


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unexpect the Expected

I was watching District 9 with Kenneth in the cinema when I received his called for the first time. Much of worry and feeling of scare filled my entire evening....

Remember Kenneth kepts comfort me and not too worry about it cause there are even more dramatic stories behind the stages that he knews. The begin of the story start from Facebook, yea.... the AMAZING facebook keeps people connected.... HAHA.

" Do you want to go for a drink?
Are you serious?
Why we cant go for a drink? "

* (something similar like that lah)

.... thats the start of the DRINK (consist of different type of liquids of course, Ahem) for nearly one year till now. Wow, without realised is about 1 year. The flow of the drink wasnt consistent, Hot and Cold.... unpredictable and unexpectable.

Sometimes, I will assumed as EMO. Hardly believe kan? Until now, I still failed to identify hows the flow really goin on. Funny ..... sigh. Teasing me is the favourite of him, of course we do share a lots from work to life too....

The first movie we watched together. (Crap was the conclusion)

Another recent movie We watched. (Uncomfortable seats to fit us and Crap)

****                                                             **                                                 ****

This is another story began from FACEBOOK again, WOW..... is F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K again. What the FB! HAHA. I should thanks to FB .... probably.


He is a very special man, totally different from the other else. The most headache thing for me to him is : Can you speak easy English arh?

This was the first time we (means 2) hang out together yesterday, though it was rush (Him) but it was just a nice date in overall ended with Vanilla Ice-Cream from Mc Donald.  *Wink*
He is EXTREMELY DIFFERENT from the previous person mentioned: Discipline and Determined.....
Of course teasing on me >>> SUCKS, is also the BEST thing he loves to do on me lah. URGH!
Whats wrong with all these people?!

I was so sleepy in the cinema hall, how I wish I have the remote control in my hand and FAST FORWARD. The movie wasnt really that bad, just a bit too slow and few unnecessary scene which quite dry. But I do like the funny part which is very CONCENTRATED of MALAYSIA culture, warm and familiar feeling~

Yesterday, He did somthing scared me (a bit of serious) when he yelling the groups of people behind our seat to SHUT UP. Erm ..... WOW! Then, I silently continue watching my movie ..... 

   ****                                                                          **                                                        ****

Few days ago.... ok lah, I'm goin to talk about the bad words of another person now. HWAHAHA...
My friend told me " A LADY " was trying to discover or busybody to find out whats the relationship between me and him. WALAO EH! She really shocking me when I saw the conversation of her talking about me.... Luckily things wasnt goes complicated lah.
UNEXPECTED is my BIG word for this lady.
tsk...tsk tsk...

Don't worry, I'm not goin to marry Him..
                    Too Young to dig the grave, Darling~
 ( I prefer to jump into the swimming pool instead of Icing too, LOL!)

Ok lah, thats all I want to share with you guys.
If you KNOW who am I refering to all these people, it gonna be an Interesting gossip for you (I think..)
What to do, have to tease on you people by telling bit but not a bit to make my life more Happier mah...

Just to share, cheers :)
Will share with you which I think I can share with you again in COMING FUTURE lah.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010




 那一夜,我看着他。。。 就是这样看着他,我知道我没有办法突破自己的潇洒。

 还拍拍胸口 胡说 我没问题!






  难道我看起来像白痴 看不出你在铺陈摆设 “我是你的知音”啦!
  有没有听过 Ada Udang di Sebelah Batu?





那 应该 就不会有落空和失望的时候,

应该啦。 。。。 。。


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Twenty-Two!

~ My Bithday Cup Cakes ~

Thanks, Pal for your co-operation... LOL.

Thanks, friends for your Birthday wishes.... I appreciate it~


Basically, my birthday wasnt really Happy... 
.... too much of unpleasant from waiting to disappointing.

There are so much that I dont think I should mention here because I know they are reading my blog.
Erm, Still thank you very much for their Cupcakes, my frens!

Probably, too much of expectation always bring me down and most of the time,
people always cant see how sad am I because most of them THINK I look as strong as my apprerance.
It Could be FRAGILE, kan?

This is the worst ever birthday I ever had in my life and I never been so down on my day.
I never had RM3 fried mihun for my birthday dinner and was home alone the entire night looking at the clock ticking to 12am. Thats all....

Too much of expectation totally break me down, so pain...
The best gift I ever had for the day was the laughter of Mariam, the cute little girl of next door.
Sharing my birthday cakes with her, thats is the BEST thing of my 22nd Birthday :)
What a grief birthday....

Thanks for his comfort and I really appreciate,
He asked me back: Why dont you feel appreciate and happy that you still live healthy and pretty in the year of 22 now?
I think he is right, I should be more positive and change the way how I think and shouldnt make expectation from others.

Have to be a Nice Girl, is 22 years already kan?

Happy Birthday to Me.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Halo, Malacca!

Basically, I went to Malacca again for the N times.
You may consider it is as my second home (Lester, 2010). HAHAHA.

The trip was because my sis has came over KL for her scholarship interview with my mum and her bf, they decided to spend their weekend traveled to Malacca since I'm familiar (a bit) with Malacca. Oh my Gosh, the trip was DAMN TIRED and now, I'm suffering with muscle paint from H to T.... because someone bought TOO MUCH and I have to carry.... sigh.

The HUGE Jacker Chips' Pillars Advertisement grab my attention
(Malacca Central). 

Travelling with mum
after very very very  Long time Before...  

Sungai Malacca and the HOT Chics!

Met Authoritative ABC Network Shooting team. 
The camer man's video camera is HUGE and looks HEAVY.

Shooting the making of ANG KU KUIH by aunty
RED finger nails, woots! 

The Most Disgusting Couple ever (Beh Tahan!)

 This is how the St Paul Hill inside looks like.....
(Doubt about what Cultural Heritage actually means).
 (Are they writing all this to let the dead peoples to read?!)

Tea Time!
The place I stayed in KL
(Menara Wesley: Right Behind Confucius High School)
The views from Menara Wesley: Right- 尊孔独中

The views from Menara Wesley: Left- KL Tower
The rental was DAMN Cheap! ( RM60 with BIG room)

Basically, I'm suffering with muscle paint now!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


这条路 不适合我。




我的心情就像 今天的菜色一样:淡而无味。


2010年 4月 07日



      Cherrie                                                        ME!     

The temperature of the swimming pool is 28c likes today weather, is WARM~
It is JUST NICE to swim with my dear friends, chit chating in the pool until we realised the sky has turned into black. (sigh~ without any *STARS* tonight)

It is a SATISFACTION from heart been able to have a simple but pleasure dinner with them. Hectic university life seldom allowed us to have this kind of opportunity, chill and relax..... together.

Sometimes, Simple can be very Happy too :)
I'm full now,
 same with my heart and soul.