Monday, July 27, 2009


你悄悄的来,尽兴的走;挥一挥衣袖, 不带走 PJ 的云彩; 只留下血拼的痕迹~ 给我

Friday, July 24, 2009

Low IQ wisdom tooth

Wad the hell?!

This 3 little "rascals" is killing me, sigh~

I knew they already exist since few months ago; This recently, they starting create trouble for me & messes my life. OMG!

My right upper & left bottom big tooth were painful for few days and thats mean --> seek for dentist!

Ok, since my housemate is Dentistry year 3 student & need someone for experimental. I decided to go and have a try because only RM5! Okay fine, 2 hours DETAIL dental examination. Checking each tooth of mine just like asking 18 on behalf of ancestors, X-tray ..... report to their Doc and double examine my teeth Again.

Result is: i have 11 minors cavities which cause my pain BUT they are not going to do any treatment on my problem, WTH!Simply put me in the hospital general dental waiting list, wait indefinitely for filling? ...... F***!

I make my mind to seek treatment from private clinic, after waiting for one and a half hour --> MY TURN. In the end, i came out after 10 minutes after been waiting for an ages, Darm it!
Dentist & student comment seriously has great different; I dont't have cavity, but INFECTION!

The only way to cure is Surgery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh No~ Surgery on 2 wisdom tooth which grown horizontally which has to refer to Dental Surgery Specialist. Aiy~

Why? Why? Why? Why this wisdow tooth which has no wisdom making my life so harsh?
I am so worry as dentist said my teeth start pushing onward forming crowd.
I dont't want! I don't want!

I don't want to wear braces AGAIN which cost me a fortune~ NO!
After surgery would got fever and your face will swelling, which need enough rest and take good care on the wound.

If there is tear of tank inside me, the level is nearly over flowed~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


真的是- 好爽!

也不用再忧心重重,感觉好爽,爽到...... ..............................................

太好了,不用一心二用;赶快赶快!赶完assignment, 赶快赶快在“死期” 来到之前,快马加鞭, 快!快!快!大家一块来赶进度!

眼皮好重,快要下闸了;想想是什么原因? 是因为我当了好几个晚上的蜘蛛女,终日挂在“网”上;不是不眠不休在在写满好像满满的蚂蚁在白纸上的英文之母致敬。当然,一定不是!


说话口气好大,不过,好爽!(一笑, 爽!)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cosmo On Earth

Why "Cosmo on Earth"?

1.An attractive title
2.Want you to brain storming
3.Look from dictionary
4.Learn english, yea!

Go! Get yourself a dictionary now, English Rock!

Astro, opreated by MEASAT Broadcast Network. I always found this word in lecture handout; I watched Astro (few century ago) and "Astro" is a daily basic word in my current study course- Broadcasting. Until, the day i met Luqman Lee.......

Must have- Group Photo!

Luqman Lee, this is the 2nd times his name appears in my blog. Erm... I admire him as an adorable and easy-goin lecture : p
Postscript: Please refer to the blog before for further detail about this 34 years old guy, haha~

I appreciate, Mr Luqman still remember our promise between Broadcasting Y1S1 students. And is our honor be able to visit Astro in the 1st place, Thank you, Sir! (salute~)

7 cars in a row proceeding to the direction of Bukit Jalil, cool man.
Astro is huge, secure, advance & elegant like 5 stars Hotel. (Media Prima suck!)
Actually, i gain not much extra knowledge through this visited as i ever been to Media Prima before and is almost similar. Of course, the facilities and human resources is Much Much More better just like Sungei Wang & Pavillion. Ohh... too bad to said so, but is True!

Besides of knowing Astro has 300+ channels & 16 Radio station, the rest i already knew. From text book and previous experience as well. Erm, but i still appreciate have this opportunity to step into Astro, and least i "saw" something there likes CELEBRITY! OMG!

Hitz Fm' Host JJ
My Fm' Host 林德荣

I been able to "observe" there is a culture, the culture that i never expect would seen inside this " glamorous " building. Smoking!
I already get used with this smoking culture after quite some time after i been here, guy smokes; girl smokes; men smokes & women ALSO smokes~ I seriously concern and think that this society is ill, is complecated! The smoking culture is just like cancer can not be cure, anymore.

Well, just imagine the HItz Fm' popular host, JJ and My Fm's Jake Lim who bringing laughter and cheers every morning in breakfast show, so "fresh & healthy" ; I saw them standing in row or group at the outdoor, smoking~

A group of media professional gather together there and smoke, the contrast is so big.... Howcould it be?! No way!

Anyway, I am very grateful especially to Mr Luqman Lee brought us for visited to Astro and I am so sorry that we failed to leave any good impression to the "tour guide" of Astro, as i still couldnt forget what she comments badly on us : " You all are so noisy, how your lecture manage your college?!" Too bad to heard that which i mind so much deep inside my heart.

Once again,
Sorry Sir, Thank You Sir!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Malacca,I Love you (d)

不坐 Beca 兜风 又怎么能算是来过马六甲
(Small Round -> Dataran Pahlawan RM15; Big Round -> Kota A Famosa RM 20)

在阳光下的 Sungai Melaka
夜间 璀璨的 Sungai Melaka
乘达 Malacca River Cruise ( RM 10) 游马六甲
在古城的 最后早餐 ( Malacca 特色 面线)
蚝煎 ( Rm 10.00- Large)
Is time to Press STOP button.....

这一趟 3天2夜的背包自助旅行, 非常满足和享受探险的刺激.

我好喜欢马六甲的风土人情,虽然没有高耸入云的高楼大厦; 却让我爱上了这里的古色古香.

这里没有急促的脚步, 也没有充满铜钱味的空气; 也没有豪华的桥车在不停的鸣车笛, 赶! 赶! 赶!

大家都慢慢地在走着, 装饰的花枝招展的Beca 炫耀夺目,好美丽!

在陈旧的老店里享用娘惹的美食, 听着邓丽君的经典名曲, 人生!


很遗憾的是, 本是一群享受旅游玩乐的朋友; 却为我贴上" 度蜜月"的标签, 恨~
我若是真需要私人空间, 又何必大费周章要大家一起来玩?

我记得曾经在大家面前告知我的想法, 因为觉得太可笑了; 我记得当初的意愿是和大家一块来玩乐的, 为何结果却是令人啼笑皆非?

为什么 大家都选择单人床的时候, 你们隐藏的言语和眼神 已为我的双人房下订单?
走在文化街的晚上, 为何只剩下被遗忘的背影?

我是否患上失忆症, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7..... 手袋里撕下的票根有8 张, 为何我却是时常在远处寻找或遥望你们的 那个人.

请不要擅自为别人贴标签, 你问过我了吗?

怎样都好, 以上的一番话是我想要说的 100% organic 感受, 无存伤害的成分和喷射浓烈的炸药味, 纯属自一条 很直的直肠子. 排泄物.

马六甲, 我很快会再踏上那片土地上!

完结篇 ( 大结局)

Dear Malacca, I Love you (c)

马六甲 Capitol Satay Celup 大胃王 记录大全!

Sukie Poon — 19 串
猫茶 栈主 - 22 串
Ndy Lee - 29 串 (大胃王 冠军!)
Suk Hui — 11 串
Nelson Chin - 14 串
E.Y - 20 串
Emily — 16 串
Jui Siang - 27 串

Dear Malacca, I Love you (c)
*to be continue....

Dear Malacca, I Love you (b)

Good Morning, Malacca
Famous 鸡饭粒- 和记
鸡饭粒 RM 3.50 (每盘)
马六甲的代表性建筑物 Christ Church
噗!噗!Beca 来咯!
Maritime Museum
Menara Taming Sari ( RM 10) 旋转 转高高
在80公尺高空的Menara Taming Sari 里
鸟瞰马六甲州 (Behind: Eye of Malaysia)
Go GO KTV- 在海中间唱K 的感觉,很新鲜!
免费专车载送,渡过大海去唱 K!
(6-8 人per room,每小时RM14)
可怕的人龙 (漫长的60分钟等待,晚餐变成了宵夜)
马六甲闻名的 Satay Celup ( 人气明星餐厅!)
痴痴地等待全是为了“ 它”
只要将想吃的 “ Lok Lok” , 在浓郁的沙爹酱料里煮滚就可以了!
最后,----- 只剩 杯盘狼藉
想要吃什么,就拿什么吧! (每串 RM0.70)

Dear Malacca, I Love you (b)
* to be continue....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dear Malacca, I Love you (a)

The Historical State

I am amazed and so excited when i reached Dutch Sqaure after 2 hours journey by bus ( Ticket: Rm12.20) , I felt unbelieveable when i am standing in front of the Red House, I was standing on the land of Malacca!

Oh my gosh~ I love this place, the people here is so friendly and the air is so refreshing. We took Town Bus 17 ( Rm1.00) from Malacca Central to Jonker Street, most of the passenger would said "thank you" to the bus driver as drove us safely to the destination. See~ so good manner and friendly, This scene might be a miracle hard to be seen in Klang area... so ridiculous!

Everything here is slow, patient, relax, riding bicycle, historical building.... oldies playing .... Can u link all those words and imagine the picture, is so Peaceful. I Love Malacca in the first sigh!

Cheng Ho Guest House
One night RM 15 only

I am so sorry and would like to apologise to all my frens as i found you guys a terrible place to stay at first , which looks like a ghost house (opposite to the malay grave) and lousy owner, sigh~ Sorry, guys! After all, we spent all the evening looking for other reasonable & suitable place to spend over night. I knew you guys exhausted in the end, i apologise~

Jonker Stree ( Fri,Sat & Sun night)

Jonker Street is also known as 鸡场街/ 文化街,along the street got many stall selling delicious food, souvenier and others. The main language spoken here is chinese and you can find many modern & stylish youngster at the street, eventhough this is just a small state which not as advaced as KL area, COOL!

We have to queue long line for the FOOD & DRINKS
I miss this~ BABA Cendol... ( RM 1.70)
Nyonya Laksa RM 3.50 ( can u see a full spoon of tuna? )

In order to get ourselve a dinner, you have to queue up in line, very looooooooooooooooooong line from the dessert house till the street outside of the dessert house! Well, as Suk Hui said: “ 你想要吃好吃的,也要排队,有钱也买不到。” I strongly agree with her, thats why those food deserved for a long queue and wait : )

Geographer Lounge (地理学家)
The night is still Young~

Eventhough we have taken alcohol here but is very warm and happy environment with live band singing country folk and you can find tourists, uncle, aunty & even kids enjoys dancing on the dance floor. Everyone sing along together and enjoy themselve so much in the music, thats why 1st floor is full & crowded with people. We have to sit at the 2nd floor looking down at the people, how i hope there is a place for me and get involved together with them, sigh~

Dutch Square in friday night

Part One- Dear Malacca, I Love you ~
* to be continue...