Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Town of Precious Gold

There is not much I can describe about Kampar with the flowering words because Kampar is that simple and peaceful place.....  Big escape from the Heart of Malaysia.

This is a Nice shot from Kenneth, I like it!

Thanks to my friend, Kenneth who play the host when i visited to Kampar. He toured me around the Kampar by ridding The Awesome Bicycle! Well, I have to say that ridding bicycle was the most excited part for me during that time, Darm Nice...... wink wink ~

*Happy Moment*

La la la la ~

Ridding bicycle is very "unfamiliar" for me. Most probably we already used to the "cement" since we borned instead of grass ground; We are very depending on "space with air-cond" rather than "human power" vehicle. Thats was actually a very sad thing for this modern aged, everyone seem to forget the Best Gift from The Mighty God for us. When is the last time you step on the grassy ground? When is the last time you lift your head to the sky look at the twinkle stars?

Beautiful Flowers in the Park

God is definitely the Best Painter of All

Kampar life style is slow and easy. There are numbers of Old folk in this precious town and most of them are so strong and healthy. Though there lacked of entertrainment, not even a cinema but indirectly gifted them with healthy lifestyle. I found people fishing beside the lake or family walking in the park whenever evening time.....  Compare with this advanced Petaling Jaya, the people are more closer than their computer screen instead of their family. I have to admitted I was one of them.....

Kampar would be a good option if you want to retired in the future, at least here has MOre Green and MOre fresh air.... the Bull shit were definitely lovely for me, I'm serious ! : )  Kampar, of course is a rustic small town suitable to shut down your mind temporary and escape from the hectic life....  Anyway, but I would prefer Malacca better than Kampar. Share more with you about Malacca in the coming blog ~  ^ *

Kathy Loves University Tunku Abdul Rahman  *Ahem*

One of the Main Building

Library Darm Big loh....

More Green !

Finally, I saw my "Beloved" Univeristy, University Tunku Abdul Rahman Main Campus. Darm Huge ohh!!! Sumore ada Lake, ada Animals and BeautiFul FloRa too. The contrast was great when i recalled back my current PJ campus Utar, seriously like a Factory! What to do.....

PJ Campus ( Shameful )

Especially thanks to Kenneth !!!  I miss the 东坡肉煲饭 leh..... : p
       * Thumb up*

Refreshing and Restart yourself again @ Kampar!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Insane Movie: Rubber's Lover

Rubber's Lover is a Japanese bizarre cyberpunk movie directed by Shozin Fukui, it is a movie production of 13 years ago.

This movie was actually recommend by my previous Broadcasting Lecturer, Mr Luqman Lee. We were doin "movie exchange" for the movies we think which is worth it to watch. We are definitely movie lover and I watched Rubber's Love today ...... it was extremely INSANE!!!!

Be frankly, I have the intension to shut down the movie as I really tidak tahan to watch it again, so outlandish with violence and sex scenes... Anyway, I still finished the movie in the end..... and getting MORE explicit..

Rubber's Lover is about three scientists trying to create psychic power on human being by injected the drug for mental patient and excessive soundwaves. Unfortunately, the subject previous cannot suffer from the torture in the experiment and die in E.X.P.L.O.T.I.O.N.

Rectal Injection with combination of Drugs

Shimika in "Rubber Suit" and owned the psychic power

Kiku has been tortured and blood keep spitting out

Technology which enhanced chic orgasm scene

The sponsor refused to continue the project and has send a secrectary, Kiku to relay the msg but the scientists seem to be mad and turn to the 3rd scientist, Shimika as their last hope in this project with inhumanity experiment.

Kiku found out the truth and lead herself to the danger, the scientiest rapes her and take her as the test subject as well. Shimika wears "Rubber-suit" during the test and he susccessfully massive psychic power. He able to "Fried" the people to death and the rapes scene of Kiku was breathing, just like real happened.

Shimika uses his Psychic power to "Fried" the scientist

Kiku finshed off the scientist with rather interesting methods

The scientiest goes mad

This is not an ordinary and commercial movie as in the market, i personally feel uncomfortable with this movie as it was too much of me. The sound of the movie was distracting with constanly hysterical screaming in most of the time; the audio let my blood run cold as i thought it was the noise or illution out from the movie.....

The Head gear injected the drug and the huge speaker at the both deliver the wave forms.

The most horrified and disgusting scene would be the scene when a Man/Woman (unsure) who seem like already goes mad and orgasm, start to rip his partner' chest and the internal organs. Yucks!!!!
I really feel like puking while I'm recall and writing down this blog now..... Oh no~

Be able to let you have clearer and real experience, I have edited you with Most Disturbing scene "served" with Exremely Violence and Sex in this movie, enjoy it and have a nice meal~

Monday, December 14, 2009

Revive@Broga Hills

We depaeted at 4 in the morning when the sky was still in the dark. I couldnt wake up in time and so sorry to let 2 cars of people waiting for me for quite some time......

This is the 1st time I back to the nature after moving here for nearly 1 year, was so excited and couldnt sleep well on the previous night. The entrance of the hills was an oil palm estate and we susccefully reached the top of the hill when we cant even see the route in front of us............. SO Dark! With the limited source of light (touch lights), we make it to the top! I was so darmed tired after 30 minutes of walk....

It was 5:15 in the morning, the top of the hill was crowded with LOTS of people already, Fuiyoo! Everyone came for the Amaze Moment of Sunrise.... : )

Well, the wind was SOOOOOOO big that i cant even stand still. However, it was really refreshing and awesome! I'm so curious to know how few of the non-chinese young people there able to reach the top by wearing slipper and short dress.... *salute* Most of the people there were young adult and families too.
I was so impress and curious how they make it on the top with childrens so young and even old folks...
*tsk tsk tsk.... pandainya, I'm so shameful because too weak....

That day was in good weather as the night sky was filled with many of diamonds stars and moon. It was about an aged time i never lift up my head to look at the sky, everyone seem to forget the beautiful creation which so close to you.....  The moment of waiting the sun rising up wasnt that long as we able to see the sky gradually light up from time to time..... the creation of God was amazing and beautiful!

We were so busy taking pictures with the Beautiful View, a moment away from the crowded and hectic life in our daily life.... released. I feel like flying when I leaned on the big rock and opened my arms, jus like a bird free to fly..... I wish I could fly again~

When the sunrised, we found the hills was covered with couch grass.... EVERY WHERE! Of course, is time to take pictures! More! More! More!

Goin down the hillw was a bit of danger as the texture of the ground was too dry and easily slip off without caution, And congratulation, my backside was so painful and scratched my leg and arm too. aiy~

I did had lots of fun and enjoy the time back to the nature. The creation of God is so beautiful.... stopped once breathing.... I'm so glad to meet new frens who like outdoor activity too through this hiking to Broga Hill.

May we hav more and more next time for extreme sports.....Soon !!!


My 20 sec Individual Video : Self ID

Dancing is my Passion ; Passion is My Life .

The Screening of Music Video: Kelibat Si Penyair by Azlan & the Typewriter

On 10th December 2009, 2pm @ Pc 203.....

I have been listened to the same song repeating for 12 times I was so looking foward about the screening few days before....  However, it was under my estimation.  Long sigh.......

Proudly brought to you by Our Production Team: Second Voice

All the comment below doesnt represent any stand of the group, purely my personal Opinion with
No Offend.

Disappointment is the best word to describe my feeling on this Mv screnning. Gosh~
As everyone else, I also give credit to Huiz'group. There is no doubt that they are the Best of the day...
Impressive grest job !!! Syabas~

Frankly, This group are totally  out of my expectation becoming the best among the rest as i heard that they faced lots of challenges and difficulties during their shooting week. Suprisingly, they was the last group to present and turn out to be the Best. Their hard works have been paid and their efforts been make is worthy for all the tough job faced before. Just the Merry- go- round in their Mv still offend my eye when i recall back the Mv.....  * ahem*

Sukie's group was such a waste of idea as i have high expectation on them as they were sealed with "Cheapest" (Best) idea when we proposed our idea at the beginning....  How come? I belived their able to produce a another better Mv than current one if they ever take it serious and put more focus on the editing works. Their Mv production was confusing and the scenes doesnt appers in sequences, blur~ Another thing is, I suggest their group can select a better representative who speaks better and more brilliant... Some times, Some thing goes So wrong...

Actually i also pay much attention on Ryan's group as everyone knows that he is gifted with well editing skill... However, their storyline was so weird lah. The rhythm and lyric of Kelibat Si Penyair doesnt match with the "comedy" storyline.... for me. One of the scene in their Mv that leave me with deep impression was the "slow motion" effect of a yellow flower dropping down was really nice. Thats all......

Be frankly, the excitement goin down to the valley when goes group after group until the turn of Huiz' group.... I saw one shinning light...

There were also others group' Mv which beyond understanding scene like: when the girl walked backward and gave her Super Big Smile to the screen which doesnt give any meaning;  or An "unpresentable" guy with messy hair and disorder teeth becoming their Male talent in the Mv!!! Their own production group' members has better good looking guy than the one in the screen... aduh.

Quite numbers of the group their Mv were about love story and thats really lack of creativity, when people can read your storyline and ending before they finish watching .... that's the thing ! Though my group failed to turn out to te the best among the rest, but I'm satisfied....at least it was a "normal" and average quality Mv compare with the others.... Ouch !!!

I'm sure Mr Beh did Os:  " 没眼看" inside of him when the screening goes group over group, getting even worst....  Jia Wen'group won the compliment from  most of our seniors, on their editing... Most probably i'm still not the level as our senior yet, on how to evalute on a quality Mv. From the view of a common and normal people like me as a audience, I just simply feel confused with their Mv in anyway.....  I'm so curious to know what's the criteria that our senior look into and gave such good comment on them....

Enjoy the Best Mv by Huiz' Production Team:

Once again, I would like thanks to all our crews: Nelson, Wan Yee, Cherrie, Victoria, Dana, Jayxin & Fai. Not forgotten our beloved talents: Jane, Afiq, Sunny and Kevin for your unconditional particiaption in our production, Thank you!

I really appreciate, Guys !!! : )
End of the show ....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tomato And Christmas Story

Well, I discovered this interesting story between tomato and Christmas in the market this morning when i went to beli sayur....of course and few papayas... LOL.

There are few vegetable vendors told me their Tomatoes were selling expensive when I wanted to buy... Thats doesnt sound like make sense..... weird.....

According to one of the Vendor, he told me there are 2 reasons.. 

1.Our neighbourhood country, Dear Singapore has to keep store Lots of tomatoes for Coming Christmas purpose. Well, i didnt asked further detail for what used. Maybe for restaurant used or the Christmas theme of Singapore this year is "Tomato"? 

2. The 2nd reasons is the tomatoes doesnt grows well as kept raining for the past few days according to him... The tomatoes were BIG but all "still green" indeed...

So, i dun hav Tomato soup in my menu today, but Fishball soup... Hehe...
It was a interesting story for me as i never thought that there is something to do with X'mas when tomatoes were selling in higher price.

Merry Christmas !!!  ^ * wink wink.....

Saturday, December 12, 2009


和辉仔看了 风云2 的首场:从此武林 我就是神话!
说实在 这部戏实在是 so so....
这部戏里 的演员实在 全都是 上个N世纪的神话;好像一群老野在硬撑着演新生代的偶像剧,Oh my Gosh~

不可否认 聂凤 的造型看起来赏心悦目,基于郑伊健高挑的身形还有及肩的长发可以衬托出聂凤的 型;相较之下 步惊云在电影里头看起来矮矮,逊色了几分。聂凤 成魔的那双眼,令我联想起Naruto anime Series 的 Byakugan (白眼 术) ...... 很酷,可是没有创意。

无名 为步惊云 的新剑法在 崖上刻出了 “世上没有的字”:是剑非剑,是云非云。
步惊云 :“恕弟子愚昧,弟子不识这个字。”

风云2 这部电影可以说是 完全的电影特效,看起来很像一部anime 的感觉。
我最纳闷的是 冗长的打斗部分。太久了吧~
很多的打斗场面 都是 SlowMotion 的effect, 而且很多repetitive 的slow motion.... 好XX 哦!

谢幕名单的时候,很惊讶得晓 原来这部戏在泰国取景,不过完全看不见“泰国”的风云2 里。
我在想或许“泰国”也被 辱重的电影特效 完全覆盖的不见任何 蛛丝马迹。


风云2 by 彭氏兄弟
从此武林 我就是神话!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hit the Goals

My shorterm Goals to be Achieve.

1.Travel to every single state in My Beloved Malaysia
   Visited State: Sarawak (Hometown)
                        Kuala Lumpur (Current Location)
                        Ipoh (2009)
                        Malacca (2009)
                        Sabah (2008)
    To be Visit : Negeri Sembilan

2.Graduate in 1st class honours in Bachelor of Communication (hons) Broadcasting (So that i dun hav to pay my 48k of Loan)
   CGPA: 3.0706

3.Complete my Korean Language course and Obtain the Certificate for higher level (Travel to Korean)   
   Korean Language Proficiency Test (KLPT) for Beginner in April 2010 @ UKM

Hope I able to Hit the goals In the expectation time, Usshh !!! Go~ Go~ Go~


不要跟我说你的人生有多悲 有多怨 因为你无法相信 我的人生就好像那荒唐的连续剧。
连我自己都不敢相信 这“一幕幕戏”都是如此真实实在。

曾经有黄毛丫头 在我面前给我说人生大道理,虽然她只是一朵备受呵护的温室花朵。我就一副“对,你说得对”的样子,因为我不想“辜负”她的苦口婆心。好像温驯的兔子想要教一只狗怎么当一只狗。现在回想起来觉得真的是可笑。

太多了,太多了。对21岁的女生来说,这一切已经超出她年纪所可以负荷的。这一切的所有就是Catalyst, 正在催促她的思想被迫增长,因为其他人需要她,做出关键的决定和她从未预料过的行动。。。 这一切,都是一声哀叹。


Ah Bear 说得对,上帝是公平的。得失是永远相等的,因为你有我~
感谢那些真正明了我的朋友,每当有什么问题的时候,尽量给我帮助,慰问还有那十分Lame的lame joke。

我很感谢 那些 ”奇遇”的朋友,当他自己也觉得这份情谊是他人生的奇遇。
There is cant even more for a True friend : )

还在水深火热的你们被迫继续“演绎”你们不知何时大结局的下 下一幕。
期许暴风雨 赶快结束,
那冗长的剧情 正在折腾;身心疲乏了。

导演,可以喊 CUT 了吗?

Sunday, December 6, 2009


这个short semester只能说是 赶!赶!赶!特别是 刚结束的前几个星期为了能在紧迫有限的时间内完成拍摄 Mv, 几乎是月亮出来返归;太阳出来时就迷蒙的开工。

我在这次拍摄工作中包办脸部彩绘和Talents'造型的角色。无可否认,我确实感到有些许成就感 因为我为Jane (Talent) 设计的造型得到制作团队的认同和喜爱。不过,那两个造型还真不是普通的容易啊~ 最重要的是出来的效果很棒就很满意了 : )

这次的拍摄工作,有所得也有所顿悟- 看清了。
我最开心的 一件事是 *我又多认识了几个非华裔新朋友*  好野!!!