Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yamamoto Dental Clinic (Tokyo)

If you happen to have a toothache problem during your travel or short stay in Tokyo, I would love to recommend you to Yamamoto Dental Clinic(山本歯科医院)located in front of Higashi-Nagasaki Station (東長崎駅)

During my 2 months stayed in Tokyo, I was living in Shiinamachi (椎名町)with my boyfriend. We often ride our bicycle around to explore, eat, exercise or buy staffs..... and that's how I found Yamamoto Dental Clinic nearby our place! I'm a typical gaijin (外人)who can't speak Japanese at all, an English speaking doctor will be necessary for me but the cost would be definitely extra more. The reason I would like to try and visit Yamamoto Dental Clinic was because their signboard is in English, surprisingly the dentist can actually speak a little bit of English which enough for us to understand each other with the assistance of slide show and dental guide book in few language in order to understand the problem facing by the patient.

The dentist and staffs were very friendly and polite (of course, they're Japanese!!!) espcially the male dentist. He pointing out the question of his concern in the guide book and I answered him back by pointing the option in A, B or C....... So cool !!! He suggested me to do a 360 Paranomic x-ray to identify my problem then give me consultation about the process of treatment by playing me a slideshow and explained in much patient. The treatment requires 2 appointment to be complete because I've two deep cavity which give me so much pain. I make an appointment with the receptionist and surprisingly the consultation (including x-ray) is all free! Comparing seeing dentist back in Malaysia, every single thing charge from consultation, full mouth check, x-ray and of course the treatment.....

The first treatment took me nearly 2 hours to remove the the tooth cavity and mould for the filling for 2nd treatment. My dental treatment cost for two deep cavity (filling) is total 10,000 yen (which is around RM300+) and I don't have to pay anything only when the treatment is completely done.

Unfortunately, I've to go back to Malaysia in last minute before my second appointment. So, I visited to the clinic to request any possibility for earlier treatment but the appointment is all full. My in-charge dentist thinks is okay for me to do the filling back in Malaysia and they refused to accept of my payment for the first half treatment because they think they haven't got their job done. OMG! I'm so so so so impressed by their professional and attitude.
The male dentist shaked my hand and two other staffs bow to me when I'm about to leave (though I'm not paying). The dentist let me to introduce friends or when I need any treatment if I happen to be back in Tokyo, please come and see him again. I've to write about this dental clinic on my blog because their services is Excellent, Professional, Reasonal Price and SOOOOOO Friendly, can't be better anymore.

Yamamoto Dental Clinic (next to a drug store)

How to get there
Take Seibu Ikebukuro Line (西武池袋線) and get off at Higashi-Nagasaki Station (東長崎駅)




入住釜山民宿的第2天,我記得又是下着雨的清晨。我坐在地板上望着窗外苦惱着無處可去,這時一位睡眼惺忪,頭髮鬆散手握牙刷的男子從 Male Dormitory 走出來,看著我說:“你是從馬來西亞來的?” 我錯愕了幾秒后,然後回答 “是啊”。

釜山較著名的觀光景點都在戶外,我能夠逗留在釜山的時間有限,卻偏偏又遇上連續下雨天,實在百般無奈。惺忪男沒有規劃的行程,就算有在這雨天也無處可去。民宿老闆 Kim 建議我們不如結伴去釜山博物館,至少我們認為會比水族館有趣。就在 Kim 熱心幫我們搜索相關資料的時候,我們發現當天是博物館的休假日。結果,Kim 熱心地幫我們在網絡上訂購水族館的門票(較便宜)往海云台出發。

在前往海云台方向的地鐵上,我問惺忪男我們素未謀面,他怎麽知道我是從馬來西亞來的?原來他是從另一位同住在民宿的加拿大住客 C.T 哪裏得知關於我的存在。話説,在我入住 Kim's House 的第一夜,在C.T 的盛情邀約下在 Kim 推薦附近的餐館一起共用過晚餐。


眼看時間還早,依然還是下著雨又冷,我們在附近購物中心裏的一間咖啡屋落腳歇歇,喝杯熱飲取暖。惺忪男掏出了I-Phone 5 手機和我分享他在臺灣一個月旅行的照片,特別是關於吃的,他的眼神是閃爍着,語調就會稍稍提高。“你看,這個影片裏的隊伍是多麽的長就為了買這個吃的。” 我們研究着釜山的觀光地圖、我們交換了LINE 的賬號、我們各自悄悄地把腳從濕漉漉的鞋子裏伸出來透透氣,慢慢得等待外面的雨停,慢慢地喝完我們的飲料。

返回民宿的路上,經過超商的我們買了檸檬和蜜糖回去泡着喝,免得身體着涼和生病。洗過熱水澡,我們舒服地背靠在民宿客廳的泰式三角枕,看著聼不懂的韓文節目,在依然下着雨的晚上喝着熱乎乎的Hot Honey Lemon。


Kim's House (Busan)
Kim and me ^^
6 Female Dormitory

Highly recommend to stay at Kim's House if you happen to visit Busan and looking for an accommodation which is quiet (located inside resident area) but short walking distance away from the crowded area and subway station. It is Cheap, Clean, Cozy feel like at home and Friendly Mr Kim!
Nearest Subway Station Near: Daeyeon Station Exit 5

987-62 Daeyeon 1Dong Namgu Busan Korea
Busan, South Korea 608-811
Phone+82 10-5510-4422
Email curtdo0312@gmail.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KimsHouseInBusan/info

Busan Aquarium (Korea's Largest Ocean Themed Park)

You can get cheaper entrance ticket in only 15,000 KRW (normal price 24,000KRW) online purchase in their Korean website. Yes, only when you can read Korean or ask a Korean to help you.
Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2, Exit 5)
Walk 600m towards Haeundae Beach
266, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 
부산광역시 해운대구 해운대해변로 266 (중동)
Website https://www.busanaquarium.com/