Saturday, January 15, 2011

wednesday "gong gong"

2 days before he gone, his feet were swollen and couldn't take any food or drink....  He was sent for a doctor and passed away in the very next day. Thats how my mum described to me in the phone once I found the Facebook status about the death of my grandpa posted by my aunt. Sarcastically.....

It was really complicated to explain about the relationship we had between grandpa, conflicts that happened in the last generation resulted how the way "We live" and "He lives".

When he still alive, he visited us regularly once a week on every Wednesday. He always brought us "souvenir": the stamps, yellowish first day cover or old reading stuff that he collected from dunno where. He usually smokes outside our house and read all the old newspapers pile on the shoes cabinet. Normally, he falls asleep in sitting pose on the sofa with the coke beside, oh ya... thats is his favorite drink!

We're not so close with grandpa though we called him "Gong Gong" and thats it....  The memories that I can remember of him is everything in this 4 paragraphs. I can't even remember I've the photo that I ever took for him in the last Chinese New Year until my aunt asked from me this morning for the funeral used. Ironic.

In silent, he just walked away from us,
neither attention nor tears shed from anyone....
how fragile and weak a life can be...

Goodbye, Grandpa
     .... ... with many cokes for you~



Friday, January 7, 2011


There is so much that I wish to share with you here, however, I'm really busy for works and exhausted every time I came home recently. Now only I've little time to blog about my new year eve before I get to work soon.

It was a lonely x'mas last year with my housemate in the empty house, everyone has a party except 2 of us. Sigh. So, I volunteer to work night shift on 31st of December because I don't want to spend the last day of 2010 alone anymore, at least I'm with a crowd of people out there saying "Happy New Year" to each other!

I love the Celebration, Cheers, Champagne and Huggies ~
(albeit I was totally exhausted after all in the 3 morning... ..)

Jane and Guinness!

Melissa and Guinness!

"Macho-es" from the Kitchen!

After all the laughter...  (Jaya One)

We worked for your happiness...

Clean and Go!!!

The night is back to silent again -

Happy New Year !!!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

선물 (Gift)

Little sweet fruit with the "magic of beauty" inside... 

as big as...

- Lemon- Whitening (Sleeping mask)

- Pitch- All in One (Peeling mask)

- Apple- Thearapy (Sleeping mask)

More than enough than you thought from the size!

"Sleeping"...... mask..   LOL!

Face Thearapy is essential if stay up late at night, like me....

.....and Kimchi x4 packs from Korea!!!

Thanks for your gifts from In (eat) to Out (beauty) all the way from Korea, like it much..... ALL!   :)
감사합니다!!! ( kamsahamida)