Thursday, March 28, 2013

搖滾沙巴_Tanjung Aru Beach

Tanjung Aru Beach is about 15 minutes away from KK Town, it is a nice place that you should drop by to enjoy a dinner or drinks under the stars. Best come in the evening to snap beautiful pictures of sunset!
Last call for sunset!

Japanese uncle wearing hunting hat with his canon camera remind me a camera ads
feels like this...

You may enjoy a budget dinner at the Malay food court in the end (x so tasty though)

 Even the ambient of Sugar Buns is kinda of romantic along the beach with candle lights~

Comparing with Rumah Terbalik or Jambatan Gantung Tamparuli, I think beaches has more attraction to me. When I first reached, I feels like at Telok Chempedak in Kuantan with both KFC and McD instead of Sugar Buns. It would be nice to have a drink and chit-chat with friends here, shall we've a glass of Long Island Ice Tea perhaps


Thursday, March 14, 2013

搖滾沙巴_Desa Dairy Farm

Well, you need to pay RM4 per adult to visit Desa Dairy Farm, for wedding shoot will charge RM100 per couple. I think it is worth to pay for the nice (NZ) view and cozy weather here, why do you need to travel so far when there is such an amazing place in M'sia for shoot? The journey took about 15 minutes from Pekan Kundasang to the farm and how do we get there?
W.A.Z.E (Our entire Sabah trip was guided by this awesome baby!)

Going up up mountain to Cow Farm!

You've reached your destination!

Cow lining up to milking station.
NZ view, NZ feel (Though I've never been to NZ but this place looks like the same in TV)
Come at the right time (we've been waiting for so loooooong), you can see the milking process.

Taste the FRESH milk and delicious ice-cream that you'll surely missed!
And of course, more nice photos!!!

Desa Dairy Farm reminds me the Fernleaf commercial that I watched when I was young and it sounds like this......

            這,就是Fernleaf 奶粉。

It is a must place to visit if you're coming to Kundasang. After spending a few hours here, we proceed to Kundasang War Memorial going back to Pekan Kundasang.

Amazing view of Kundasang from Contemplation Garden

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Kundasang War Memorial!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


美食漫畫《孤獨的美食家》 的推薦序裡提及,一個人吃飯,最大的的孤獨莫過於此,可是最大的享受也藏在其中。在獨處的環境裡,聽到顧客的八卦和閒言;自己在肚子裡碎碎念,像是食物的味道令人心情變差;對面桌的那群年輕男女吱吱呀呀地吵鬧不休,真想大喝 shut up; 壽司師傅也偷偷在吧台後喝 milo ice。

趁着就快回吉隆坡之際,我獨自再去3哩菜市場樓上的小販中心品嚐伴隨成長的味道,讓味蕾記住那美好的亞美牛肉麵、粿雜和炒粿 (福建話稱Cha Kuih )。以前父親接我們補習下課後,就會到這裡(之前是在同樣地點的開放停車場經營)給我們買包子和燒米當早餐,常常我們也會在這裡吃宵夜。10幾年來,這些味道還是沒有變,依舊讓我回味無窮。離家的時間久,能吃到的機會也變少,我時常在想如果有一天他們不再經營了,那怎麼辦?這幾碗食物帶給我們的已經不止是面和湯關係那麼簡單,那是伴隨我們成長的味道。

經營亞美牛肉面的兩父子依舊上演“街頭黑社會的戲碼”,父親時常對兒子大聲呼喝,不休地大罵,兒子也只是猛煮麵不吭聲,讓食客們欲嘗他們的 牛肉麵的同時也是如坐針毯。我在想,雙臂紋身的兒子會不會有一天砸爛碗情緒爆發叻?對他們的父子關係,我一直都是充滿了想像。噢,他們家的牛肉沾上自製的 蒜蓉辣椒,我可是超愛的。如果有一天來吃牛肉麵不再感覺戰戰兢兢似乎也少了什麼。




Friday, March 8, 2013

摇滚沙巴_KK & Kundasang

Before travel to Sabah, my research works to plan the itinerary require me more effort to complete with bits and pieces of information everywhere online. Also there are few friends asking me about the details travel in Sabah especially those who going to depart soon (can't help for those who wish to travel to Lahad Datu, blek), I would like to share my travel experience for your future references. 

 1st Day
  • Check in Courtyard Hotel [Standard Twin RM90+ per night]
  • Shopping at 1Borneo Hypermall 
2nd Day
  • 2 hours drive to Kundasang
  • Check in Strawberry Garden Hotel [Charlet RM300 per night]
  • Visit Casa Cattle Cow Farm
  • Visit Kundasang War Memorial
  • Visit Pekan Kundasang
3rd Day
  • Visit Kinabalu Park
  • Visit Pekan Nabalu
  • Check in Marina Court Condominium [Condominium RM360 per night]
  • Shopping at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
4th Day
  •  Island hopping (Sapi and Manukan)
  • Snorkeling, Swimming, Water Games and Sports
5th Day
  • Shopping at Central Point Sabah, Warisan Square, Palm Square 
  • Visit Filipino Market
  • Watch Sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach 
6th Day
  • Free walking in KK town
  • Dinner at Welcome All Seafood Restaurant 大茄来海鲜


1 Borneo Hypermall known as the largest shopping complex in east malaysia is BORED!  I planned that we can do some shopping full day here, however, the store is not all in business yet and the food court's food is sucks like the other too. In fact, you're advice don't need to drop by because we ended up in GSC watching a movie from few that we can choose. Argh!

We rent an Avanza 1.3 self drive (In fact we should use Unser since we're going up mountain ranges ) to Kundasang on the next day. Good enough, Adi offered a lower price for us with car delivery service to the hotel we stayed. You may negotiate the rental with him, he is a friendly guy that I would recommend his company to my reader :)

Contact. Adi 019-8123535

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