Thursday, March 3, 2011

my green light

Hardly I can come back earlier tonight before 12am ...
I've washed all my clothes;
I've little more time to enjoy the hot shower;
I've little bit of time to take care my skin;
and .... Thinking.

Whenever I talked to her, the tears will start filling in my eyes but I dunno why.
Because she is such a friendly and warm person who willing to help with all her might,
She keeps encouraging and motivating me with her words, I'm really touched deep inside my heart.

In this morning, I've tried so hard to hold myself not to shed a tear,
... but I think, she saw my struggle. 

I'm unsure and restless.
...  It would be a lot better if there is someone I can talk to and give me some suggestion;
and Lulu comes to my mind.
Thank you very much, Lulu  :)

Some said There is no harm to try again, Go on!
Some said It's just mean to be, Just Let Go!
Some said If it doesn't happen to be, it must be God plan;
and some said It's just the matter of time.

I'm grateful for everyone good intension trying to help and ready to help;
for the time being, just awaiting for my green light whether it gonna proceed or hold on...

I think, my heart already have an answer,
Please let me have more time to affirm with my decision... ..

——————  To switch on the green light or not. 


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