Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hydro Boost with Progrssive Release System
(Left to Right) Clear Lotion (Rm29.90), Essence(Rm79.90) and Water Gel (Rm59.90)

you wouldnt feel sticky on face
*Love Water Gel* 

Ballet Flat Shoes with Love Chain

Rm 49.90 | Opera @ 1Utama

Converse White Low Canvas Sneaker
Rm115.90 | Converse @ 1Utama

What I like about this shoes? ... .. it is all white and SIMPLE!
This is my 2nd pair of sneaker in life for my "profession" need. 

What else?
Hmm, maybe a pair of Oxford Shoes on my shoes rack will looks even greater...

Friday, February 25, 2011

MCP: Is Better!

For the moment, time is the most precious thing that I want more. Because of the MCP, everyone hardly get a good night sleep for the past few week, of course not in the near future too. Most of the time, we'll hav to stay late to work after all day class since early morning...  
You cant believe how black was my dark circle were. 

The backdrop is nicely painted with colors, however it still takes longer time to set up and make sure it able to stand stable during the entire shoot. I would say the backdrop is the most challeging prop that we had in this MCP production and let us realise how talented we're to be a carpenter!

Finally, the rehersal manage to complete all and our dearest talents are apparently getting "fantabulous" when you seen their acting day after day.  *Thumb Up*

I think we're ready for the Take 2 tomorrow!!!

sneak view of the Happy VHC setting  :)

Practice make perfect!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

MCP: Fantabulous Talent

After having class from 9 morning till 4 in the evening,
the preparation works and rehearsal has to carry on.....

Yesterday night, we worked in two group which is "Painter Group" and "Rehearsal Group" so that everything can be done as much as possible without wasting more time.

"Smooth skin" backdrop

Our beautiful actress with glamorous name, Wen Yar.

My old school fren, Sexy Betty!!!

Beloved Talent (from left): Carson, Wen Yar and Salmon.

       --  The Show Start. --

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MCP: The "Grey" Purple

I believe you will not understand the meaning of MCP if you're not from broadcasting field, which mean Multi-Camera Production. YES, this is a Final Year Project! ..... because we don't write thesis.. 

The production team consist of 19 crews (included me) dying working on our preproduction. Yesterday was the forth time we stayed till late night at university. We baru off from the "workshop" at 12 midnight not longer ago. Finally, the backdrop were painted after struggling for the past few days to make it stand stably, and the best part was the purple paint that we want Looks Like GREY

I'm so glad that our talents is getting better and natural on their acting after last first trial in the studio. That was a miserable experience I would say, Kelam-Kabut! Thanks for their help in our final production, spend time and willing to come all the way so far for the rehearsal without any rewards to them. You guys make the complete piece of the production, it is definitely VHC!

Happy VHC (Very High Class) is the title of our production about the stories happened in the make-over school between few stylist and special guest in every episode. Want to know more? Follow my blog for the latest update of making.... &

Most importantly the release of The Happy VHC 

[ noob noob crews  :p ]

Sunday, February 13, 2011


It was a rush new year, just like the rabbit.

The dinning table of reunion dinner is getting smaller;
The dishes of grandma's cooking is getting fewer;
The family members and laughter is getting lesser....
When you hear the silent is louder than the crackers out there.

Reunion Dinner Must Have,
Steamboat Soup with lots of Grandma's Love!

* Drooling *

Reunion dinner attaches important meaning to me and I'm always excited about it, but not this year.
Probably the "preview" of assignment and production works before new year also put some "kan cheong" on me? I think the great part of this new year was able to catch up with my old friends, spent time and had a nice chat together....

Visiting in a big group of frineds from house to house doesnt really excite me anymore, when we smiled to each other and thinking maybe we're getting older? Oh no~

we were the graceful dancer on stage, ever before...

Thanks to Lulu's hero in the kitchen for the dinner!

my favourite food wrapped with childhood's memories.

Mr.Definite Lee !!! 

Laksa that we hardly found for breakfast and....
  so loooooooong..

Albeit it was not really nice but we have NO CHOICE.

Young Su's Korean Ice Cream!

Bbeongtuigi plate, ice-cream sandwiched with rice crackers.

Yogurt and Strawberry ice-cream for me~

Ready for the first bite....

Hmmm...    It was.....  ..

The night before my flight I received Cia's called....

Thanks for your Japanese Dinner, Woman!
Next time is my treat when I meet you again, okay? 

yea, she loves raw food!

She ordered this for me because she thinks I'll certainly like it.
I've to say, you're very sweet...

Fried Toufu? Naw, is Japanese Style Fried Toufu !!!  :p 

Take my advice, please don't get "botak" before you find your Bf !!!

Happie Belated Chinese New Year to you!
I want to wish you:



Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moment of Truth

                                                                 Which comes first?