Saturday, March 19, 2011


A Lovely Gift from Amir Muhammad  :)

We went to his apartment and did an interview with him for our documentary yesterday night. That was the third time I met and talked to him in person, realize he actually like pistachio! 

Before we about to leave, he gave me this book as gift that I always wanted to buy! Oh yea~
The reason that I did not purchase is because there are still many books that I've not finish reading yet... ..  (few books written by him and others published under Matahari as well)
I love the gift, thank you so much! 

And, I decided to buy him 2Kg of Pistachio in return when I see him again for GIFT!

What your Teacher Didn't Tell you
 (Author: Farish A.Noor)

"Now you've no excuse for not reading it" said Amir.

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