Sunday, March 13, 2011

MCP:Coming Soon

We're finally done with our MCP! (Claps)

No more stay up late at univeristy;
No more labor works;
No more rehearsal;
No more waiting and waiting!!!

*Fireworks & Cheers*

The backdrop team in 8 really did a good job on setting up in short time....
The incredible crews have always practice for their speed with time control and apparently practice does make perfect!

The full setting of VHC

Control Room | Director

Eventhough the in-charge person of Star Studio may not looking good at our production with sarcastic tone, however, I'm satisfied enough for the best we CAN DO with all the experience we had. Throughout 4 weeks of rehearsal in Star Studio, the assessment day was our best shoot ever. Maybe we're nobody in their eyes, at least there is no excuse and regret in ourselves that we didn't pay much attention enough. You know what am I saying?

Sharen (Wardrobe) & Belle (Make-up)

The next scene: after came back from the salon... ..

"make over" in 35 secs between commercial break, so QUICK!

Albeit the production was already wrapped up, the irresponsibility of few crews should be mentioned AGAIN here before I forget. (when most of the time the rest were annoyned and talk about behind but never try and "correct" them, great!)

Not to the mention the name but they should have know their responsibility if they did read my blog here.
For the past experience, there were few times the person who assigned to take care everyone valuable belonging (everything in a box) and turned out to see the "million dollars box" was left at the corner or EVEN outside the toilet without anyone care... I've to say the "Tai-Chi Kungfu" of bertolak (responsibility) is world-class level with the excuses " I thought the box was with who who who... .. " So, may I know who is the WhoWhoWho will compensate for everyone lost after that? 

Selain itu, everyone seem like forget about their duty after shoot with ALL the props left over there!
Person that suppose to carry the props together with them were GONE and cause unnecessary run again to make sure all the things were sent back to univeristy. Moreover, our tutor get mad on us because we were late for his 2pm class with only few students in. To be frank, I felt frustrated for the blame that put on us if the univeristy was aware that the shooting will take long time to finish and clear everything, why is the tutor can't be more understanding or make flexible changes on the time of class when we were actually late for every week?  *Grrr*

Talents in action


*Awwwwwww *

Camera men: Windy (Left), Me and Ey (2nd Right)

Showing Happy VHC, Lives!

Floor Manager with "heavenly blessed" on hand, Emily.

Ahem....  *wink*

Production Crews and Talents of Happy VHC!


Superstar Talent from next production team, Uncle Lim!
(If you watched Great Days, you should know)

{ Happy VHC · 高级美一家}

Coming Soon!

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