Friday, March 4, 2011

MCP: Roll'em!

Yesterday night was the "nearly-full" rehearsal for our MCP (thanks to someone who is irresponsible for their work assigned, GREAT!). The actual shooting day for assessment is 1 week counting down SOON!


From the rehearsal just now, apparently our talents were not acting the best as before. Probably the last practice was too long ago, keep it up!!! We're almost there, dear guys...

We're very grateful to our awesome talents for being so helpful and passionate, however, It'll definitely a damn BIG ISSUE for us if you can't turn out on OUR DAY, the actual shooting day... for all the reason why we're working so hard and stayed late night over night on this production. If you can't commit yourself for this production, perhaps you can bring yourself in more mature way, I thought?

What else can we say?
And how are we goin to SAVE the day?

Luxury Gold Name Tag.

VHC Signboard in Progress...

Special Guest of the Episode, guess who?

Boyfriend Waiting (ahem, not mine)

Our "workshop"...


Today is our Technical Director's birthday!!!


Happie Birthday, Wood !!!  

--------------  We're gonna rock the Star Studio later,


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