Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terkejut SayA!


I went for a movie with my mum & aunty few days ago.... we watched Disaster movie. Well, actually i am not going to talk about the movie but The Car Park Tickect. Oh my GOsh~ I nearly lost it leh...I am the one who keep the tickect but now i LOST it! I was so nervous & scare...

Worry that how if we cannot go home or the guard might treat us like car robber....  We went back to the cinema but we find nothing around tthe places we sat.Before we're leaving & giving up.... HE SAVE US! The guy who picking up the rubbish after show. Muahaha~ thankssssss God! if not i might got killed by my mum because have to pay RM 10.00 for lost tickect. TerkejuT SayA !!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Borneo Highland & MNS

       黎明的早上,与Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) 的团员一起来到Borneo Highland 亲近久违的大自然。这天的项目分为两种,Mini Bird Race & Guided Jungle Trekking. Mini Bird Race 的参与者必须在限时内拍下最棒的照片作为比赛的用途。参赛者多数为摄影的爱好者,他们个个都带着媲美专业摄影师的器材在森林里探索小鸟的身影,为它们捕下美丽的镜头;而Jungle Trekking 则有专人带领兼讲解,说故事。我在Jungle Trekking 的路途中学习到了很多,从中更加了解大自然的生态,获益良多。我们Jungle trekking 的地方沿路都是探索在印尼 Kalimantan的边界。一脚踩在砂劳越的土地上,另一只脚则踩在印尼的土地上。这一趟的旅程也可算是“出国”。在专人的讲解下才知道生活中很多的绿色植物背后有着更多更多之前我不知道的知识。MNS的成员多数为外国人,参与在其中的同时也让我有机会结交了一些热爱大自然的外国朋友。他们多数都是定居在我国的居民,因为工作的关系;也有因为嫁作人妇的关系而大家能够有这个机会聚集在一起为这个大自然做美好的努力~                                                                                                                                     어서오십오 (Please Come In)
                                   View of Borneo Highland
Border of Kalimantan
Black Mushroom in Egg shape
(1) 缠绕类的Ginger
(2) Ginger的花朵
(3) Ginger 的一种
(4)Ginger 有着180 多种的类型
(5)[i] Ginger 未成熟的果实
[ii] 成熟的鲜红果实
Wasp's bee hives (黄蜂窝是筑在陆地上的)
Jungle Trekking Guider: Mdm Valerie from Italy
Another Jungle Trekking Guider: Ann
Peacock Fern (叶子的形状有如孔雀尾巴一般)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

They Just A KID!

Paper Game I played together with Shaun.
My ABC student, he is drawing the RACING TRACK. No matter how, I lose to this little buddy in the game because he always cheat me... I still a new kaki~ sigh. Haha! Frankly, but i do have fun together with them when they dun "kek" me & let me angry, shout to them~

p/s: sorry, 辛苦你的脖子一下hor...

Thursday, October 16, 2008


혼자 = 一个人



新鲜热辣的Mouse Chop                                  
yummy yummy~ 好好味道哦。。。 喵
小猫咪无辜表面下的真实一面。。。。 亏我还觉得:小猫咪,你白绒绒的好可爱哦,原来是一头小野兽。。。残暴!

老师只教导过我 : 猫抓老鼠,可没听过猫吃老鼠?


话说,有一位可爱的女生养了两 ‘条’狗。

大狗叫Lolo ; 小狗叫Lili (ah pui) = LiLo
主人与LiLi & LoLo 的感情非常的要好,连女主人的妈咪都说:狗比人好命,生病还要看兽医花费RM60+..... 狗的命比我好,连狗都不如。~

有一天,Lili 突然发‘狗疯’,回头把站在身后的女主人在左膝盖咬了一大口!赶紧将Little女主人送往诊所打针~ 可怜的欣苑。。


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just Married

I would like to share my happiness with all you guys~

sorrow of A young teacher

f you wish to live longer, teacher surely will not be the best choice for you. It will shorten your life & let you feel EXTREMELY TERRIBLE everyday. Now then i know that why all the teacherS who ever taught me before since primary school until now... Most of them has no smiley face... only face students with very cool look. Because they DIE HEART to their student already. Sigh~

Believe or not? I cried today in front of the students in the classroom. I really cannot stand with their noisy, rudeness & impolite.... after you had "advised" them for thousand thousand times... I truly don't how to continue teach them anymore. Ever scolded them; ever refered this case to the principal; advised from the principal.... i "kek sim" until cried in the classroom but they still don't feel any "kick" at all! They might be quiet down when & after you scolded them.. but they will back to square again after A While... aiy~ I really have no point at all to those "monkeys" students, especially those going to turn into secondary school students... Hard to teach! If i have the authority i wish to give them a big SLAP to make myself feel better..... someday. After being a teacher now only i know is not easy to become a good teacher, i especially respect & appreciated to all my ex-teachers... You all are so Great, i would like to pay my respect to all the teacher ... thank you, teacher.
memo: Becoming a teacher is slowly commit suicide, warning!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


                                          Purple 猫咪手机袋
                                   情侣装~ sweet

           You are my precious present~