Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[modnaR] Thought


What the hell is that?
I thought I've already said that in my title...
(Try to read in a different way!)

I'm feeling bad and complicated today but hardly describe in actual words. The unpleasant feeling that filling me inside. Having good breakfast often let me feel the starting of a wonderful day and gives me good mood. Unfortunately, my good mood was spoiled when I saw her stepping in the door with that face.

She don't even bother to look at me like a stranger for few days eventhough I was actually just sat NEXT to her. Elo, may I know what is your problem, bitch?! I'm done with your Arrogant attitude that so "random and spontaneous" that in your way!

Is that necessary to say thing so secretly instead of saying out to everyone loud since it suppose to be a Group Discussion, when you're not even there when we're having meeting at first. I really pissed off your attitude this few day and I've already had it enough!!!
So what if you can do that I can't?

my favourite American Breakfast @ Tappers, Rm 9.00

I'm really frustrated with the "waiting culture" that group living with and people never bother to make any changes albeit they know it was actually wasting of time! Especially when most of the time end up with NOTHING after loooooooooooong wait. Why we can't try to make life a little bit more effective huh? If you're Not Ready, Not Sure or Don't Know, why don't you make thing clear earlier and give difficulties to everyone else then?! To be frank, I'm not a patience person for unnecessary waiting, elo... ..

Coming to the 3rd year of my university life, I found MAJOR of the university student doesn't motivate to learn and know more.... Simply finish everything assigned by the lecturer from A to Z is enough to make their life wonderful, Sigh. Our Film Studied class as example, we'll have to watch a movie, analysize and discuss after all on the movie. Without any surprise as any other "Malaysian" student, the class is Silent because malaysian unversity student has No Opinion or probably No Brain in fact? As the tutor said, he will have to answer the question that asked by his own, as always. How you able to learn from Film Studied class is through Discussion and thats the only way, the key of this course is about HOW YOU THINK! I wonder when will this kind of learning environment gonna change in future... ... Well, I think I've not mention yet those students who SLEPT in a dead row for the entire session in front of tutor face. How would you feel if you're in tutor shoes, tell me? 

The Screening of Controversial Documentary:
 Kisah Tauke Mancis dan Minyak Tumpah.

Maybe we should not making fuss over sleeping session in the class as other univeristy students might also share the similar "culture" but I'm embarrasing to say that our student is thick face enough to sleep in a row on Invited Director (Screening) Sharing Session as well! I'm grateful to my mum for teaching and train me to behave in a good manner since I was young, not even how a girl should behave (Tatasusila) but how we should respect on other too. Just a very little effort that you "keep your eye open" when others is talking, albeit it might not look interesting at all to you.

It might sound wrong I'm critized all these as I'm a unversity student too, I just feel frustrated with the konon "university level" that our student actually is. It could be the problem of the learning environment that we're dealing with since young- The Dead Study System or why don't we start trying to ask for your first question in class tomorrow onwards?

The treasure is already there for you,
just the matter whether you want to own it or not.

My Dinner @ Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh


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