Monday, October 12, 2009

To share

Still reading ..... almost finish
This book exposed me more about how Air Asia manage to become the most succeeful budget airline in Asia today. I always curious to know b4 this how they able to make high profit by selling seats in rock bottom price or Free seats given out in thousands. I am very impress and admire on Tony Fernandes ( CEO of Air Asia ), the spirit of never give up though there were so many of obstacle and optimistic leader to over come all the challenges. Cool !!! He is very smart business man who make use every single chance with press to promote his company, dont you remember we owes see him with his red cap in every media broadcast? Never know that few advertisement of Air Asia published in Newpaper cames with hidden msg behind sound sarcastic towards S'pore ( Read more from Air Asia Story ). There are more and still another more interesting things I wish to share with you guys that we will never know only after found out from this book. Tony Fernandes is surely the proud of Malaysia and provided me with extra knowledge about the aviation of Malaysia which actually has very close relationship between our goverment and of course the international business giant group of other countries.
I would like to strongly recommend this book to all of you, know better and more about pride of your country, Malaysia Boleh !!!
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Ticket of MBO

During the semester break, I'm so glad able to meet my old school frens ( The only left 2 in Kuching ) Siang & Jennifer. We went for a movie- Sorority Row, at the newly opened cinema in Kuching, Spring Shopping Mall (Good news for Kuching ppl). The cinema looks like a luxury club in certain part but still consider small compared with GSC in KL of course. Anyway, it was a positive and pleasure big foot step of development in Kuching happy to be seeing.
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My beloved ex-dance troup
Our Charmming Director

It was about 9 months long after i left my dance troup to persuade my study at KL. I miss those old good times and every single moment girls had together: neither In front and Behind the stage filled with laughter, of course tears of sorrow. But all this made up the piece of memorable memories~
When i looking at them dancing during lesson, the desire and passion inside to dance was so strong and about to explore especially when the familiar music was playing, how nice would it be if i able to be together among them again, sigh~ Just feel like there were so many delicious cuisine in front of you but u just couldnt eat any of them, urgh.......... darm it !!! That kind of feeling is super duper torturing, I would prefer to dance instead of walk if time allowed. But there is always something we hav to commit when comes to diff stages of life, sigh ~
I Love dancing so much, My dream!
However is really nice able to meet my dancers frens again and lovely director who remains young and beautiful. I hope i able to look for a suitable dance troupe in KL if time and conditions allowed to continue persuade my dream and keep the passion burning inside me. I will try!!!
Dance will never die !!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This 2009 second semester break, there are 6 more peoples followed me back to my hometown, Kuching, Sarawak. We are On Holidays !

Salute to AK 5208 Captain Luqman (Sama name as our ex-lecturer, Mr Luqman) safely sent us to Kuching International Airport.

Lets Recall back those 5days 4 nights memories we had together in Kuching~

miao... miao.... :)

Isabella Cafe. Celebrated Sukie 21st B'thdayKuching Internatinal Airport. Time to Say GoodbyeTravillion: The Core. Sway with me~ *whistleGirls wants make new fren. My youngest bro
Girls likes make new fren. My yonger bro Girls Loves make new fren. My Sis (Happy 19th B'thday !!!)

大伯公庙 on Lantern' Fes. Pray for all the Best
Jong's Crocodile Farm
Jade Port Taiwan Restaurant 玉壶轩
Jade Port Taiwan Restaurant. They want more !!!
Friendship Part 马中公园. Mv Shooting (Shiok Sendiri)
Jase' Tea Room. Girls loves their waiter a.k.a camera man
Riverside 河滨公园
The most persuassive evidence been to Kuching, Srw.

双好茶室. Their very first dinner in Kuching after arrived.


Dear friends: Mei Ling, Sukie, Cherrie, Fai, Cien Yie & Ey,

Thanks for being my lovely guests and hope you did hav a great vacation in Kuching, Sarawak. Please come again and I'm so willing to tour you guys around, especially we missed the beautiful beach of Sarawak, Damai. Not forgotten, the Buntal seafood as well.... sigh~

I would like to appologise if there were any place that I couldnt make it for u guys, especially after my surgery. Frankly, I seriously felt uncomfortable after the surgery and couldnt make my best to satisfied all your needs, very sorry about that. But I did hav a good night sleep every single night with u girls who talks...... lots, haha~ (* Must come with air-cond in 1st condition, ahem~)

Frankly, you guys were the first ever group of friends I toured around my homeland and it was tired. Hwahahahaha :p Though it was tired and exhausted after every night came to sleep but I am so glad to be tired, really. I am very happy you guys were here together with me during this semester break, I did had a great time with u guys too....

I am very sorry that Ey & Sukie were sicked during the trip, may you guys speedy recover and do had a sweet memory over here. For Ey, I hav to special mention : You are gorgeous!!!

Never know that u can shake like hell, sexy lah~ You impressed me, Lots!
Hope we can go clubbing again, soon ~ wink * ^

Kuching will always welcome u guys with open arms :)
Love group photos !!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Big Construction in mouth

03 October 2009 is Lantern Festival also my sis 20th birthday.

My families and friends from Peninsula M’sia gather together to celebrate this warmest festival under one roof. Delicious cuisine and laughter filled the night so fine and everyone did enjoyed themselves so much. However, I only can see cannot eat. Sigh~
Wisdom Tooth from Left Bottom (WTLB)Started decay (top)Splited into few pieces because is too bigWisdom Tooth from Right Bottom (WTRB)




The entire surgery took 1 and half hour to complete for 2 wisdom tooth (RM1100), surprisingly it was not that scary and pain as I expected. Dr.Teah is a very tender and nice doctor, he enlighten my hard time during the surgery because he talked a lots with his assistance about the gossip of previous patient … He is very sweet and tender dentist : )

3 Injections of narcotin for each sideSurgical Instrument

My bloody wisdom tooth with gum

Dr. Teah is sorry for me when the injections were a bit painful;
He is sympathy & comfort me : Oh, pity young girl ~ ....... when I moaned of pain.
He praised me is a good and tough patient after the surgery done.
His words and support made me felt no fear at all, he is very cool!

Dr. Teah was exhausted after surgery because he has to use up all his energy from sit to stand to pull out my HUGE wisdom tooth though was already splited into 2, Haha~
And I not even realised when he alredy taken out the tooth and start to do sewing .

However, I can feel the "pulling" step was very ROUGH just like pulling a stubborn donkey unwilling to go.
Currently, I couldnt really take any solid food yet and "sucking" is the only way stay me alive to avoid the wound from bleeding. As i remember the blood couldnt stop bledding out from my mouth jus like got poisoned for 6 hours after surgery, I used up almost 1 box of tissue to spit out the slaver with blood which not allowed to swallow back. That day was miserable and darm suffer especially when the narcotin started to withdrawal, such a torture for me.
After all, looking at people enjoying their delicious cuisine is cant torture even more for me.
I miss "Bite".

牵动 调整 接受

一开始 斑驳涟漪 的 悸动
兴奋 期待 甜涩参半 地 牵动
思绪的频率 集中; 思绪的频率 掏空
独自 抹上 浅浅微笑

时间 是 入歼师
将平庸 粉饰 迷人 ; 迷恋 的 还是 那平庸
时间长了 更长了 神秘纱布 开始 一点一点挽起
每挽起的 一公分 杀死了 每十毫升的期待
发现 距离还是 最美
看不清的 还是 最 棒的泡泡

调整吧 然后接受
那 瑕疵
破口被看见了 无处可逃
我 微笑:原来 你们 是会受伤的 人类 啊
这是 不争的事实
最大的 真相。