Saturday, January 2, 2010

My X'mas eve


* Baskin Robbins Ice- Cream *

Thanks to Ah Bear for the warm x'mas dinner at T.G.I Friday which cost you a lots, I appreciate it : )
* Darm Expensive and Full HOuse (Luckily we make reservation few weeks before~)

Ultimate Hawaiian Volcano  ( + Vodka )

Ultimate Lights of Havana

Appertizer- Southwest Shrimp Cocktail

Appetizer-Sesame Jack Chicken Strips

Main Course- Chicken & Shrimp Diablo

Main Course - Roasted Turkey ( Necessary in the menu of X'mas, wink wink~)

Dessert- Mocha Mud Pie

Mini Dessert- Snicker Treats (Choco) & Strawberry Parfait


** Snowing at Pavillion ~ Jingle Bell Jingle Bell iIngle Bell Rock....... **

Happening Place, Bukit Bintang- The Crowd was quite Scary since early of the night.

How if this is kind of demonstration of our country, that would be Terrible and OMG! Most of them, of course mostly were young people and they started to "spray" around since early though hasnt hit 12 am yet.....  Well, they were definitely peoples who make use this golden chance to earn more money: 3 for RM10! 3 for RM10! (Snow Spray) and few people who start to lost control of themselves. I saw a group of foreign young guys were chasing and busy spraying people around though thier trousers was actually falling down till almost shows their "complete" piece of brief....  I enjoyed myself and hav lots of fun in the crowd as it was a exciting and unique experience for me, 1st ever. However, I couldnt totally put myself to the max in as I hav to always be caution with my own personal belonging. Who knows who is the next pick pocket beside you, it could be everyone around u there..... and There was a man got catched who trying to steal that night....

* Merry Christmas!!!*

So.... Who is going to clean all this then?

 My eyeliner already smudge after been sprayed

My hair was totally a Disaster!

It was a great experienced spent the my 1st christmas eve at Bukit Bintang (Legend Happening Location) KL. The countdown was actually quite disappointed as there was no ppl leading or even the crowd also didnt "counting" out loud when hits 12am..... Only the loud symphony of Orchestra start to play which couldnt even move on the street surrounded by the crowd.

The police man, of course felt absolutely hates with this "silly countdown" event after all but the people refused to go away yet..... Kemudian itu, He fired the gun to the sky as a warning: You Should Dismiss NOW!

* Merry Christmas to you, Mr Police Man!*

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