Friday, January 22, 2010

The 2nd new page

Time flies and wait no man.
I hav to believe and accept the fact that: I'm the year 2 broadcasting student now, OMG!

In this brand new semester, the courses we hav to take and assignment to be complete seem to be harder year over year. The difficulty of the assignment and preparation works need extra effort and More research to be done, and I start to feel like " An university student" now.

As usual, I hav been choosen as the leader of every single assignement group ( I glad to be ), though we had gone through some "hard time" when comes to the issue of choosing group member. This is the most "classic" and "tradisional" disaster has to face in every new semester and I Hate it!

This semester, I Hurted a girl.
Of course, I will definitely feel sorry to her as I'm not an animal without humanity, alrite?
Maybe u think I'm cruel to her and the words of Ey definitely means sumthing to me.... but it has to depends on who all those words he trying to defend for. Yea, I'm talking about "THAT GIRL" now....
I'm agree with Ey (partially), I admitted, I didnt gav her a chance to clearify her stand. Sorry about that.
Been cruel to her, I'm so sorry.

Anyway, she still doesnt deserve for my pity.
As I said, " If one person think you're wrong, maybe is their problem; If all the people think you're wrong, Thats' your problem".

I volunteer to be the Evil speaker and I know I'm sucks. Just go ahead if you want to hate me or curse me. If she ever can learn something from my "hurted", just hate me. I dun mind because I dun care about you. The accuse of Ey did make me feel guilty for my "silly" criticize, for a while. However, everyone has his own personal point of view, and To be true, he did offended me (a bit). I'm ready to take the risk after i decided to say all this. When your tears came too easy and too often, only start to make people feel disturbing.

My words for her would be the same as what I said that day: you will definitely deserve for a tissue from me (too proud) when I see something on you and I mean it;
Thanks for your reminding, Ey: I know everyone has their weakness (though feel suck from ur mouth)...
Hope your tears ABLE to awake you and make you a better person since you cried so much and so long.
Curse me lah, if you feel better in that way. Thank you.

                                                   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The another annoying thing about this new semester is....... There is NO any macho male lecturer ( the Indian old man cannot be counted because you guys said he looks like an ape, Opps!) I feel So dry and tired with the new semester without a "refreshing drug" as previous semester. Oh, thats is really sad loh. Plus, all the ladies lecturers wasnt that happening as well, i think I'm too hunger for a guy ( sound like a minx, LOL). Anyway, I still have to go for class as usual Everyday....

Assignment arh... assignment arh....  sigh~
Let's NIKE!

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