Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Town of Precious Gold

There is not much I can describe about Kampar with the flowering words because Kampar is that simple and peaceful place.....  Big escape from the Heart of Malaysia.

This is a Nice shot from Kenneth, I like it!

Thanks to my friend, Kenneth who play the host when i visited to Kampar. He toured me around the Kampar by ridding The Awesome Bicycle! Well, I have to say that ridding bicycle was the most excited part for me during that time, Darm Nice...... wink wink ~

*Happy Moment*

La la la la ~

Ridding bicycle is very "unfamiliar" for me. Most probably we already used to the "cement" since we borned instead of grass ground; We are very depending on "space with air-cond" rather than "human power" vehicle. Thats was actually a very sad thing for this modern aged, everyone seem to forget the Best Gift from The Mighty God for us. When is the last time you step on the grassy ground? When is the last time you lift your head to the sky look at the twinkle stars?

Beautiful Flowers in the Park

God is definitely the Best Painter of All

Kampar life style is slow and easy. There are numbers of Old folk in this precious town and most of them are so strong and healthy. Though there lacked of entertrainment, not even a cinema but indirectly gifted them with healthy lifestyle. I found people fishing beside the lake or family walking in the park whenever evening time.....  Compare with this advanced Petaling Jaya, the people are more closer than their computer screen instead of their family. I have to admitted I was one of them.....

Kampar would be a good option if you want to retired in the future, at least here has MOre Green and MOre fresh air.... the Bull shit were definitely lovely for me, I'm serious ! : )  Kampar, of course is a rustic small town suitable to shut down your mind temporary and escape from the hectic life....  Anyway, but I would prefer Malacca better than Kampar. Share more with you about Malacca in the coming blog ~  ^ *

Kathy Loves University Tunku Abdul Rahman  *Ahem*

One of the Main Building

Library Darm Big loh....

More Green !

Finally, I saw my "Beloved" Univeristy, University Tunku Abdul Rahman Main Campus. Darm Huge ohh!!! Sumore ada Lake, ada Animals and BeautiFul FloRa too. The contrast was great when i recalled back my current PJ campus Utar, seriously like a Factory! What to do.....

PJ Campus ( Shameful )

Especially thanks to Kenneth !!!  I miss the 东坡肉煲饭 leh..... : p
       * Thumb up*

Refreshing and Restart yourself again @ Kampar!

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