Monday, December 6, 2010

It moves!

I knew it when Mr Harry Potter (Lecturer) puts his hand on forehead with "OMG" expression and Mr Makenthira has "No Comment" as well, sad loh ... .. 

At least it moves lah, Ok? Blek! What the heck we've to do all this which has nothing to do with B.R.O.A.D.C.A.S.T.I.N.G huh? Multimedia is always my nightmare throughout all the courses because I'm big sucks in this, OUCH! Well, if you remember I got a C+ for my fruit drink packaging (See Here!) and CD album cover design in Multimedia Tools and Advertising..... 

yea, this is my "sexy back"... ( I admitted ada Photoshop lah, Hehe!)

..... and B- for the design of website with theme "Give the Past a Future" in Multimedia Design and Application which nearly left me for death with sarcastic remark on my poor group members as cucumber (he worn line shirt) and tea- lady....  He deserved for the nasty evaluation from the students in the end, who do you think I'm referring else huh.  

Home page of  the website: Wau Studio
The idea of the website is to educate the audience about the tradition game of Malaysia through interesting and fun experience following the step in making wau and PLAY!

 Home Page

Select your favorite location to Play!

 Wau! Wau! Wau!

Well, no matter how much and how hard we make the effort..... my dearest lecturer don't buy the idea of our website and like I said before, at least it MOVES! I'm trying to share the flash with you guys, somehow I'm got stuck with the format to upload, too bad....  The flying wau with song Rasa Sayang.. 

Sekali lagi, we did Multimedia Broadcasting AGAIN...  (for me, it just the matter of different name with same stuff, I wonder the design of the course structure was all a big con...?) 
Sigh. My Choice.... (University's Tagline)

Tell me, whats the different with the "Creative and Design" that we've done between Multimedia Tools for Advertising, Multimedia Design & Application ...... and Multimedia Broadcasting huh? When I didn't get any A some more, damn it! Thanks God, NO MORE multimedia for any coming semester till the day I die graduate.... 

The Iban Lady

The idea of the flash video is to promote a Malaysia Culture programme (again!): Daun Green with animation TV promo. We created this 30 sec TV promo with mascot- Si Daun (I've no idea whether it is a cat? fox? or maybe Doraemon) brings the audience to the journey and know more about native Iban in every episode. Say no more, let's watch and PLEASE don't put your hand on your forehand after 30 sec, Hahaha!  

Your feel good Channel, Babe!

Mascot (Si Daun) and Animation : Windy
Character Illustration 
Iban Lady                                : Proud of myself!
Farmer                                     :  Wood
Background and accessories     : Justine

...... I know it not gonna be either A-  A  or  A+  in anyway..  but,
                                                     ...... It MOVES.. ... 


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