Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my 2011 resolutions

This could be the last post possible in this year (yea....I mean 2010) KERANA I'm very busy, is very very very busy that type! I was walking like a zombie to the working place after another numbly , with little conscious that "Keep The Feet Moving"...... 

Again, I also dunno why so coincidently writing this post on the 2nd day working for my another "new" work place, The Bee as this post before: Click Here! Yea, I'm currently working TWO part-time job at...

" your neighbourhood food
and drink hangout that proudly serves fuss-free
food, quality coffee and a wide variety of
beverages. Located in the Section 17,
neighborhood surrounded by offices,
 residents, universities and colleges" 
                         - The Bee

It looks I'm trying to torture myself till die (nearly....), as you can guess the reason surely IS because of Money$$$$$$$$$! Next year which is after next few day would be 2011 indicates the last year of my university life as a student and there is few goals that I always wish to achieve but yet to be complete. I Hope and Wish that I manage to accomplish those "Things To Do" in my list within next year as those goals require an amount of financial ability (which is why I'm working like a cow right now) and Persistency! I realize (not too late, I think?) there is no more time keep me waiting and I'm almost there getting into another stage of life as an real adult in the society, one year or 365 days simply gone in the blink of an eye without notification like Facebook huh......  

At the moment, I can't give any preview of my "2011 Resolutions" yet, albeit I really wish to share with you here as the "Things to do" is still in planning with more details to be confirm and arrangement that take times to be process. I will share the good news with you if it happened to make it and the 2nd "Thing to do" require LOTS of courage and confident to be done which I dun think is suitable to be unveil here; Nope, it is definitely not Tatoo (I've the thought before though) and Nope, is not Bungy Jump for sure! Malaysian is not that daring and the culture is not in the country (yet? I assume) to do "Thing" that I want to do next. 

Because I appreciate the time and the role being a student, I've to say I really did enjoyed much with my dear coursemates (it has to be in a Gang for sure) with lots of laughter and fun; not forgotten the bad time that we had in tears and awful moments too (thats why lah can't forget!). I love both the good times and the bad times had together with YOU. Thanks for coming in my life and make one of the pieces of the precious memories. We might be close friend or might be stranger after all this while, however, I want to say Thank You.....   to you.. 

Grab the time and achieve the goal that you want so badly while you can (sometimes, something only can be done when you're still a student), Go! Go! Go! So, how about you?
What is your resolution for 2011?
Alrite, unless you're now 18-teens........... 

Read at least one book a week?
Keep fit with waist in 24 or Get yourself a husband/Wife? (your same wish every year, kan?)
Naw, do something BIG lah! Come On!!! 

--  Happy -- 
                           * Shinn
Upcoming New Year to you! 
^3^  muacks!!! 

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