Thursday, December 9, 2010

What you see is what I do

This is the second day I worked at Sin Chew Daily....  with glamorous name " Assistant Editor" (助理编辑)! Yes, the job scope of my Glamorous post is Copy and Paste! .....  Probably you're wondering what so hard about "copy and paste, let me tell you: 
               .... ..   I copy and paste VERY NICELY.. ... Hahaha! 

Basically, I've to copy the news from the sources and integrate with headline, pictures and whatever you read (see) from the online news, and I'm responsible for Guang Ming Daily (光明日报) at the moment as beginner. I hate the mouse of my working desk, yes..... the mouse which you can "right click" because it was damn not sensitive at all, thats mean it takes more time to let me finish my tasks. The situation reminds me a Chinese proverb:功欲善其事,必先利其器. I wonder when the office will helps me to 利其器 huh...  

My right hand is like nearly "broke" with so much of news has to be organize and categorize..... upload and publish on time so that YOU can receive the SIZZLING HOT NEWS of the day! Proud to say, what you read is what I do.... feeling amazing, albeit I'm just a little character in this Giant Media Company  =)

Truly, I was astonished that the "method" or "system" to update the news online is still in traditional ways really raised my eyebrows as Sin Chew Daily is well known as the newspaper with the highest Chinese readership in the country and the mouse is terrible... ...  

   Few news that I published today, Hmm.... 

                                        Click Guang Ming

Free newspaper copy given by the office ^^ 

Access card for staff only.....  Dee! 

Sin Chew !!! 


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