Monday, November 29, 2010

Dead meat Promise

" I promises I'd stay. 
You promised Abah (father) that you'd never hurt me. 
And Jason promised that he'd never leave me.
 It's modern times, sayang (dear). "

Orked said this to his husband in movie Gubra when she found his husband is actually having affair with some other woman. In the end, she didn't kept her promise to stay because as she said, this is a modern times. Though is not about relationship for my situation, however, is the matter of the "promise". Her words can't describe even better how my feeling today, I'm felt gloomy, promise is that fragile and weak for the people nowadays, the people that I care....

My friend told me that I easily get infuriate and I never realize until he told me so. Well, I've to admit that what he said might be true, I know myself is an impatient person. Whether or no, what happened today really pissed me off though I'm trying not to show on my face, I didn't want to mess up the situation when thing is work in a rush right now. If someone could tell me, is the issue itself has already goes too far or am I easily get infuriate now? Sigh.

I felt extremely cold sitting at the open air of cafe when the rain was so heavy and the wind chill so much, I never thought to move myself inside because I wish the weather could cold me down and calm my soul.... Perhaps it really works, albeit it sound like dumb dumb to you. Well, at least you don't wish to see me go and punch people, rite? 

Why why why? 
Promise is just another dead meat for you, isnt? 
Or it simply a Noun with empty value? Please don't make any promise, even a little "Ok" when you fail to put into practice because you're letting people heart broken without conscious though you're not intend to do so. 

Stuck in the heavy rain, I read my book and listening to Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang..... the melody sound extraordinary beautiful and sweet in the raining day. Perhaps the chilly raining day did comforted my heart   =)

Bang Bang..... my baby shot me down


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