Friday, December 31, 2010

How I met your wife

It was 6:35 in the morning full of gas finished of the alcohol, after meeting with the new friends from my new working place. *hint--- an insect!

I can't believe it when I SEE your wife is walking around front of me at the pub with short skirt (really short and black stocking, just like HOW exactly she looks in the pictures of Facebook. Never thought... it was about 3 in the morning when I see her still hanging around with a bunch of friends, talking and laughing LOUD sitting in the corner; now I start to understand about you.
No wonder...

Chilled with new friend of lecturer (Hardcore!!!) and two Indie musician (Looks like Ah Beng who claim others as LaLa...) reminds me there is once we used to chill together till 4 in the morning, and that was Sugar Cane without Ice..  and also too.



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