Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Insane Movie: Rubber's Lover

Rubber's Lover is a Japanese bizarre cyberpunk movie directed by Shozin Fukui, it is a movie production of 13 years ago.

This movie was actually recommend by my previous Broadcasting Lecturer, Mr Luqman Lee. We were doin "movie exchange" for the movies we think which is worth it to watch. We are definitely movie lover and I watched Rubber's Love today ...... it was extremely INSANE!!!!

Be frankly, I have the intension to shut down the movie as I really tidak tahan to watch it again, so outlandish with violence and sex scenes... Anyway, I still finished the movie in the end..... and getting MORE explicit..

Rubber's Lover is about three scientists trying to create psychic power on human being by injected the drug for mental patient and excessive soundwaves. Unfortunately, the subject previous cannot suffer from the torture in the experiment and die in E.X.P.L.O.T.I.O.N.

Rectal Injection with combination of Drugs

Shimika in "Rubber Suit" and owned the psychic power

Kiku has been tortured and blood keep spitting out

Technology which enhanced chic orgasm scene

The sponsor refused to continue the project and has send a secrectary, Kiku to relay the msg but the scientists seem to be mad and turn to the 3rd scientist, Shimika as their last hope in this project with inhumanity experiment.

Kiku found out the truth and lead herself to the danger, the scientiest rapes her and take her as the test subject as well. Shimika wears "Rubber-suit" during the test and he susccessfully massive psychic power. He able to "Fried" the people to death and the rapes scene of Kiku was breathing, just like real happened.

Shimika uses his Psychic power to "Fried" the scientist

Kiku finshed off the scientist with rather interesting methods

The scientiest goes mad

This is not an ordinary and commercial movie as in the market, i personally feel uncomfortable with this movie as it was too much of me. The sound of the movie was distracting with constanly hysterical screaming in most of the time; the audio let my blood run cold as i thought it was the noise or illution out from the movie.....

The Head gear injected the drug and the huge speaker at the both deliver the wave forms.

The most horrified and disgusting scene would be the scene when a Man/Woman (unsure) who seem like already goes mad and orgasm, start to rip his partner' chest and the internal organs. Yucks!!!!
I really feel like puking while I'm recall and writing down this blog now..... Oh no~

Be able to let you have clearer and real experience, I have edited you with Most Disturbing scene "served" with Exremely Violence and Sex in this movie, enjoy it and have a nice meal~

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