Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hit the Goals

My shorterm Goals to be Achieve.

1.Travel to every single state in My Beloved Malaysia
   Visited State: Sarawak (Hometown)
                        Kuala Lumpur (Current Location)
                        Ipoh (2009)
                        Malacca (2009)
                        Sabah (2008)
    To be Visit : Negeri Sembilan

2.Graduate in 1st class honours in Bachelor of Communication (hons) Broadcasting (So that i dun hav to pay my 48k of Loan)
   CGPA: 3.0706

3.Complete my Korean Language course and Obtain the Certificate for higher level (Travel to Korean)   
   Korean Language Proficiency Test (KLPT) for Beginner in April 2010 @ UKM

Hope I able to Hit the goals In the expectation time, Usshh !!! Go~ Go~ Go~