Monday, December 14, 2009

Revive@Broga Hills

We depaeted at 4 in the morning when the sky was still in the dark. I couldnt wake up in time and so sorry to let 2 cars of people waiting for me for quite some time......

This is the 1st time I back to the nature after moving here for nearly 1 year, was so excited and couldnt sleep well on the previous night. The entrance of the hills was an oil palm estate and we susccefully reached the top of the hill when we cant even see the route in front of us............. SO Dark! With the limited source of light (touch lights), we make it to the top! I was so darmed tired after 30 minutes of walk....

It was 5:15 in the morning, the top of the hill was crowded with LOTS of people already, Fuiyoo! Everyone came for the Amaze Moment of Sunrise.... : )

Well, the wind was SOOOOOOO big that i cant even stand still. However, it was really refreshing and awesome! I'm so curious to know how few of the non-chinese young people there able to reach the top by wearing slipper and short dress.... *salute* Most of the people there were young adult and families too.
I was so impress and curious how they make it on the top with childrens so young and even old folks...
*tsk tsk tsk.... pandainya, I'm so shameful because too weak....

That day was in good weather as the night sky was filled with many of diamonds stars and moon. It was about an aged time i never lift up my head to look at the sky, everyone seem to forget the beautiful creation which so close to you.....  The moment of waiting the sun rising up wasnt that long as we able to see the sky gradually light up from time to time..... the creation of God was amazing and beautiful!

We were so busy taking pictures with the Beautiful View, a moment away from the crowded and hectic life in our daily life.... released. I feel like flying when I leaned on the big rock and opened my arms, jus like a bird free to fly..... I wish I could fly again~

When the sunrised, we found the hills was covered with couch grass.... EVERY WHERE! Of course, is time to take pictures! More! More! More!

Goin down the hillw was a bit of danger as the texture of the ground was too dry and easily slip off without caution, And congratulation, my backside was so painful and scratched my leg and arm too. aiy~

I did had lots of fun and enjoy the time back to the nature. The creation of God is so beautiful.... stopped once breathing.... I'm so glad to meet new frens who like outdoor activity too through this hiking to Broga Hill.

May we hav more and more next time for extreme sports.....Soon !!!


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