Wednesday, April 28, 2010

March into Immigration Malaysia

This was the THIRD TRIED, I decided to give a damn to Immigration again this morning!
 I already self psychology prepare that today is not goin to be easy based on my previous SHIT experiences before....


Time check, 10:24am
Let's Open up the eyes and see how Efficient Our Deary Gov's Department works .....

Whats the Hell wrong with this Gov thing today?
Damn F*** fast and so efficient! It was my turn within 45 minutes time and make the payment then.
The entire application process smoothly accomplished in ONE HOUR time!

It was UNBELIEVABLE! Walao Eh!
How Could It Be???!
Probably their Senior Management were here for spontaneous surveillance today?

" Kutip passport anda 2 jam kemudian selepas membuat Bayaran."

While Waiting....

The mamak selling REASONABLE food after survey around ....

With my Comm Theories Notes and Murtabak Daging ( so so ...)

After an hour half ....

Passport for Vacation.... I GOT IT! 

Do you want to see How my passport inside looks like?
The differences between my Old and Renewal Passport ...... Jern Jern Jern !

and you has to Manually CLOSE your MOUTH
after the step you goin to do NEXT
Scroll Down
slowly....... ....


Clear? Do you need Closer?


You know how much I STRUGGLE only decided to SHARE with you guys, aiks  ...

Close your MOUTH, DAMN IT!

Bling~ Bling~  Renewal Passport !!

This photo was taken during Form 6....
This one look much more better than the previous one lah Hor~
Thanks God!

Do NOt Want To See You Again ArHHH.... Immigration!

Date: 28 April 2010
Venue: Immigration Malaysia Damansara
Duration: 10:24am - 1:30pm (3 Hours)
Cost: RM 16.50 (Cab)

* Closed File *

PHUKET!  I'm COming !!!


lulu_ma said...

hahahaha. i can't stop laughing even though u have warned me to not laugh

Catea said...

Aiyo, like that loh. Wad to do.... HaHa! Lulu, bad bad girl.

Jobless Girl said...

Happy trip

Catea said...

Jobless Girl, so disappointed cannot make it for the Phuket trip anymore, want to go for the vacation so badly. aiks!