Monday, May 3, 2010

Etiquette of Club Goer

I'm not a FULL TIME club goer of course (Ahem- serious lah)...
The frequent of me to the club is definitely countable and Less than 10 (CHECKED!)

In anyway, I simply would like to share my bits experiences been to the clubs and etiquette (clubbing tips which add marks on guys  ^ ^ ) based on my previous FUN before.... jern jern!

The FIRST club I went.
Ministry of Sound (MOS, Sunway Group)

What I like about MOS would be the Place!
The design of the Club is luxurious and Wide dance floor is fantastic for the Hot Chicks!
Somehow, BAD MUSIC!!!

COCO BANANA located at Sunway.
COCO BANANA is freaking small, doubt whether their dance floor can fits more than 30 peoples or not. However, I think their music was AWESOME! Leading the night to the climax!

I still remembered the time we been to Cocobanana with one of our girl coursemate, She really IMPRESSED me LOTS that night! That was the first time we clubbed together and never thought she was SO HAPPENING. HAHA.

No doubt, she is the Queen!

MAISON located at KL
 The least favourite club in my list- URGH!

The reasons I wasnt really like this club is because the place is small and kinda "OLD" design, both from outlook and interior  design. The WORST part would be the music, cant even disgust better than the rest of the places I've been to. OMG! I felt like been to a concert or Karaoke room instead of really real HIGH club....

Come on! Stop pausing the music and lets the crowd sing! Playing the OUT_DATED ReMIX music which sound like a pre-recored tape playing again and again just like the recent last time when I'm there too. ( The only club I've been for twice)

Though it was sucks but I would still go next time because being together and having fun with friends is the BIGGEST part over the ambient or other externals factors. Merry the more , triple more the FUN!
Plus, Maison is more affordable for young adults.

Been to different different of club, you able to realised the architecture of those club/bistro is TOTALLY different as the people as well ( Foreigner, Level class and etc).

The Social located at Bangsar (restaurant cum bar)
* The Most Visited Bar - me :) *

The Social provides warm services as their waiter/waitress are very friendly and of course, NICE AMBIENT! There is Live band performance during weekend (not sure which day) and the major customer here are working people and Foreigners.

Just nice to order a cocktail and chill with your frens here at night....  Probably dare your frens playing small game around with the waitress/ waiter highlights your night life even sparkling shine !!! 

ELIXIR located at KL

Been there for once brought by my frens who random and spontaneously without telling me about to meet up his friends. Obviously, this is an upper level lounge club as most of their customer are working people and foreigner as well. The place wasnt occupied really big place, it is just as big and everthing you see in the picture (for indoor) now. The music was basically MONO and "Consistent Beat" (I think)..... Not really suggest for people who really wanted to dance, probably chilling with friends would be nice if you prefer louder music ambient.

7atenine located at KL.

Quite funny and interesting experience when we first looking around badly where 7-8-9 actually was and here It is   - -  - - >> 7ate nine! (Special name) 7atenine is a outdoor restaurant cum lounge which not really big and WITHOUT AIR-CONDITION, wooooo!  You not really gonna feels warm when there is a HUGE FAN blowing your hair like the shampoo advertisement and DJ ( Looks like Uncle) playing music and let's DRINK! .... and MORE foreigner! It wasnt really happening place but i like their "Eggtray" bar stools, Unique!

Chill with your frens~

Last but not least .. .... ..

Republic Bar Club located at Sunway.

Not much I can talk about Republic as I only been there for twice during weekday night, QUIET. ... 

I never really visit inside of this place (except when I have to run for Wash room, LOL) because I usually sit outside with frens ( Smokers, you know.... )  Chill ~

.... Is about to wrap up and... EH! WAIT!
I thought I'm goin to share with you guys about "Etiquette of club goer"?! WAHAHA.....
Alrite, I OBSERVED few things from the guy which really wins my attention in the clubs.... this is BONUS tips for the guys!!! 

I cant help falling in love (Description lah) with the GENTLEMEN, they looks DAMN attractive when you really meet ones especially in the crowd club who doesnt intend to take any adventages on you.

What's Gentlemen really Do for you in the club/bar/lounge:

1. They would concern for your order before themselves.
I love the way how gentlemen really talk to the server in very Polite and Friendly way without treating them as lower class of labours. When comes to order:

Gentlemen: We would like to have a Bloody Mary for her ...... and ...
"FOR HER" is an attracting words and means LOTS of gentlemen for me :)

2. They will request for barstool for ladies in the club (when there's dont have any) 
I feel tender and warm when guys can really take care of every little single details for you.

3. They will cover up your drink (especially in the club) for you, maybe with tissue when you left away from your place. WOW! You would feels suprised and thinking who is that sweet guy doing this? ...

4. They will take care and handle the Unexpected situation without letting you worry.
What am I refering above is not only on the girls but on the other guys frens as well. When their brother drunk, gentlement will watching them, helping them especially when they VOMIT (It is a troublesome job during and after the process, Disgusting!). Gentlemen never left their brother behind though there is Hot Chic hugging ....  


"Gentlemen is like Red Wine,
Gentlemen is like a Porsche,
Gentlemen is a High Culture,
Gentlemen is Extinct! "



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