Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Twenty-Two!

~ My Bithday Cup Cakes ~

Thanks, Pal for your co-operation... LOL.

Thanks, friends for your Birthday wishes.... I appreciate it~


Basically, my birthday wasnt really Happy... 
.... too much of unpleasant from waiting to disappointing.

There are so much that I dont think I should mention here because I know they are reading my blog.
Erm, Still thank you very much for their Cupcakes, my frens!

Probably, too much of expectation always bring me down and most of the time,
people always cant see how sad am I because most of them THINK I look as strong as my apprerance.
It Could be FRAGILE, kan?

This is the worst ever birthday I ever had in my life and I never been so down on my day.
I never had RM3 fried mihun for my birthday dinner and was home alone the entire night looking at the clock ticking to 12am. Thats all....

Too much of expectation totally break me down, so pain...
The best gift I ever had for the day was the laughter of Mariam, the cute little girl of next door.
Sharing my birthday cakes with her, thats is the BEST thing of my 22nd Birthday :)
What a grief birthday....

Thanks for his comfort and I really appreciate,
He asked me back: Why dont you feel appreciate and happy that you still live healthy and pretty in the year of 22 now?
I think he is right, I should be more positive and change the way how I think and shouldnt make expectation from others.

Have to be a Nice Girl, is 22 years already kan?

Happy Birthday to Me.



lulu_ma said...

Happy belated birthday! May the sun shines in ur world and go away those cloudy moments!

Catea said...

thanks, my fren :)