Friday, July 24, 2009

Low IQ wisdom tooth

Wad the hell?!

This 3 little "rascals" is killing me, sigh~

I knew they already exist since few months ago; This recently, they starting create trouble for me & messes my life. OMG!

My right upper & left bottom big tooth were painful for few days and thats mean --> seek for dentist!

Ok, since my housemate is Dentistry year 3 student & need someone for experimental. I decided to go and have a try because only RM5! Okay fine, 2 hours DETAIL dental examination. Checking each tooth of mine just like asking 18 on behalf of ancestors, X-tray ..... report to their Doc and double examine my teeth Again.

Result is: i have 11 minors cavities which cause my pain BUT they are not going to do any treatment on my problem, WTH!Simply put me in the hospital general dental waiting list, wait indefinitely for filling? ...... F***!

I make my mind to seek treatment from private clinic, after waiting for one and a half hour --> MY TURN. In the end, i came out after 10 minutes after been waiting for an ages, Darm it!
Dentist & student comment seriously has great different; I dont't have cavity, but INFECTION!

The only way to cure is Surgery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh No~ Surgery on 2 wisdom tooth which grown horizontally which has to refer to Dental Surgery Specialist. Aiy~

Why? Why? Why? Why this wisdow tooth which has no wisdom making my life so harsh?
I am so worry as dentist said my teeth start pushing onward forming crowd.
I dont't want! I don't want!

I don't want to wear braces AGAIN which cost me a fortune~ NO!
After surgery would got fever and your face will swelling, which need enough rest and take good care on the wound.

If there is tear of tank inside me, the level is nearly over flowed~


lulu_ma said...

hey girl, i only had wisdom tooth surgery once. the other two were extracted bcoz they managed to come out right. one is still hidden inside, not able to come out. the one that needed a surgery is bcoz it couldnt come out, so went slanting a bit and pushing my other teeth, a bit painful once in a while so i decided to get it removed. after the surgery, i didn't get face swelling etc. just when the anaesthetic went off, it's a bit painful nia. need to take care of oral hygiene etc. i'll suggest u to remove them according to dentist's advice. coz it's causing crowding, and also wisdom teeth not in use can coz cavity problems to your molars.

JW Tay said...

actually for my case also the same.
the wisdom tooth grew horizontally. The dentist i went was very professional and it won't cause any pain after the surgery. But, just the face will be swelling a little bit only..
I think you should book for the surgery asap.. Because, surgery need to make appoinment before.

Catea said...

My friends, thanks for all your concern. The worry is,the surgery would be killing pain or not?

Jia Wen: Where you done your surgery? Could you recommend me?

JW Tay said...

I did it at the dental clinic which near my house.
I booked it few months earlier for the surgery because that dentist very famous around my house area here. So, his booking is full for the next 6 months one.
I think you can go to SS2 seek for one. I remember there have few dental clinics but I'm not sure whether they provide sugery service or not.

Catea said...

OMG! Few months earlier?! Sound so incredible!Thanks, Jia Wen~