Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cosmo On Earth

Why "Cosmo on Earth"?

1.An attractive title
2.Want you to brain storming
3.Look from dictionary
4.Learn english, yea!

Go! Get yourself a dictionary now, English Rock!

Astro, opreated by MEASAT Broadcast Network. I always found this word in lecture handout; I watched Astro (few century ago) and "Astro" is a daily basic word in my current study course- Broadcasting. Until, the day i met Luqman Lee.......

Must have- Group Photo!

Luqman Lee, this is the 2nd times his name appears in my blog. Erm... I admire him as an adorable and easy-goin lecture : p
Postscript: Please refer to the blog before for further detail about this 34 years old guy, haha~

I appreciate, Mr Luqman still remember our promise between Broadcasting Y1S1 students. And is our honor be able to visit Astro in the 1st place, Thank you, Sir! (salute~)

7 cars in a row proceeding to the direction of Bukit Jalil, cool man.
Astro is huge, secure, advance & elegant like 5 stars Hotel. (Media Prima suck!)
Actually, i gain not much extra knowledge through this visited as i ever been to Media Prima before and is almost similar. Of course, the facilities and human resources is Much Much More better just like Sungei Wang & Pavillion. Ohh... too bad to said so, but is True!

Besides of knowing Astro has 300+ channels & 16 Radio station, the rest i already knew. From text book and previous experience as well. Erm, but i still appreciate have this opportunity to step into Astro, and least i "saw" something there likes CELEBRITY! OMG!

Hitz Fm' Host JJ
My Fm' Host 林德荣

I been able to "observe" there is a culture, the culture that i never expect would seen inside this " glamorous " building. Smoking!
I already get used with this smoking culture after quite some time after i been here, guy smokes; girl smokes; men smokes & women ALSO smokes~ I seriously concern and think that this society is ill, is complecated! The smoking culture is just like cancer can not be cure, anymore.

Well, just imagine the HItz Fm' popular host, JJ and My Fm's Jake Lim who bringing laughter and cheers every morning in breakfast show, so "fresh & healthy" ; I saw them standing in row or group at the outdoor, smoking~

A group of media professional gather together there and smoke, the contrast is so big.... Howcould it be?! No way!

Anyway, I am very grateful especially to Mr Luqman Lee brought us for visited to Astro and I am so sorry that we failed to leave any good impression to the "tour guide" of Astro, as i still couldnt forget what she comments badly on us : " You all are so noisy, how your lecture manage your college?!" Too bad to heard that which i mind so much deep inside my heart.

Once again,
Sorry Sir, Thank You Sir!

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