Monday, July 6, 2009

Dear Malacca, I Love you (a)

The Historical State

I am amazed and so excited when i reached Dutch Sqaure after 2 hours journey by bus ( Ticket: Rm12.20) , I felt unbelieveable when i am standing in front of the Red House, I was standing on the land of Malacca!

Oh my gosh~ I love this place, the people here is so friendly and the air is so refreshing. We took Town Bus 17 ( Rm1.00) from Malacca Central to Jonker Street, most of the passenger would said "thank you" to the bus driver as drove us safely to the destination. See~ so good manner and friendly, This scene might be a miracle hard to be seen in Klang area... so ridiculous!

Everything here is slow, patient, relax, riding bicycle, historical building.... oldies playing .... Can u link all those words and imagine the picture, is so Peaceful. I Love Malacca in the first sigh!

Cheng Ho Guest House
One night RM 15 only

I am so sorry and would like to apologise to all my frens as i found you guys a terrible place to stay at first , which looks like a ghost house (opposite to the malay grave) and lousy owner, sigh~ Sorry, guys! After all, we spent all the evening looking for other reasonable & suitable place to spend over night. I knew you guys exhausted in the end, i apologise~

Jonker Stree ( Fri,Sat & Sun night)

Jonker Street is also known as 鸡场街/ 文化街,along the street got many stall selling delicious food, souvenier and others. The main language spoken here is chinese and you can find many modern & stylish youngster at the street, eventhough this is just a small state which not as advaced as KL area, COOL!

We have to queue long line for the FOOD & DRINKS
I miss this~ BABA Cendol... ( RM 1.70)
Nyonya Laksa RM 3.50 ( can u see a full spoon of tuna? )

In order to get ourselve a dinner, you have to queue up in line, very looooooooooooooooooong line from the dessert house till the street outside of the dessert house! Well, as Suk Hui said: “ 你想要吃好吃的,也要排队,有钱也买不到。” I strongly agree with her, thats why those food deserved for a long queue and wait : )

Geographer Lounge (地理学家)
The night is still Young~

Eventhough we have taken alcohol here but is very warm and happy environment with live band singing country folk and you can find tourists, uncle, aunty & even kids enjoys dancing on the dance floor. Everyone sing along together and enjoy themselve so much in the music, thats why 1st floor is full & crowded with people. We have to sit at the 2nd floor looking down at the people, how i hope there is a place for me and get involved together with them, sigh~

Dutch Square in friday night

Part One- Dear Malacca, I Love you ~
* to be continue...

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