Saturday, March 20, 2010


Recently, few women grabbed my attention on them. Of course, they are definitely good or bad.
A woman, I got sick of her attitude and the feeling is getting stronger especially in this semester. Well, being able to see her grow to maturity is certainly a great thing pleased for her. You might think that I nurse jealousy on her but this is solely MY observation.

You may condemn me ( You Idiot think Too much!) but HEY.... this is what I see: I mean ---> ME only.
Not really feel comfortable with how she speaks in ExTRa High Tone and her "Overflow" confident let me feel sick, so ANNOYING. If her IMAGE arised in your mind now (the same woman you think as I think) when you are reading my blog, Thats mean YOU actually also feel in that way as I feel. Isnt? AHA!

 I am glad IF she really found confident and identified what she wants in her own life but .... I like and missing more the PRE-TRANSFORM her. Maybe this is the side effects followed with the Positive Reinforcement in certain performances.

Another woman, I want to talk about ( I am such A woman, talk a lots too. Ahem.) HER. She might LOOKS like very efficient and Incredible in first impression but probably NOT that true until now. Her incredible comment wasn't valid for me (personally) because I think she talked Nonsense depends on her mood, unpredictable in bad sense.... So WOMAN. I'm thinking probably she WILL/DID bias or special on me because of certain unaccountable relationship involved some other that I only realize recently. Maybe there are people thinks that I'm malicious to build relationship with SOMEBODY, but think about this: Do you think they are Donkey or NUT been able fool by me? I appreciate all these knowledgeable people around me and my life is Amazing because of them ....

I think she knows, she KNEW it.
Sometimes, Facebook really is terrible for one's privacy.
He told me: No ones is bothering about her, Don't have to be worry.
Yea.... I agree.

Quote from the editor of MrDefiniteLee's blog,
- People are so 2000 and Late ( Kenneth, 2010)

One more Woman, not goin to talk much about her.
-- She was DAMN lost during her presentation....... as usual.
I cant help locked my eyes on her SPECIAL CARE HAIR and her BOOB nearly bows out from the loosen button. OUCH!

Thanks Men, for calling me WOMAN.


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