Thursday, March 4, 2010

Earth is Dangerous!

Firstly, I would like special mention about Mr.D a.k.a Kenneth sealed me with such a Great Honour as one of his TOP 5 Most Influential Person in his Amazing Life!

This is really something for me as I never think that I would be somebody in others people life, especially people who actually wiser and more knowledgeable than me far behind.... Too much for me to take this compliment from him as I wasnt that good as you think. But, I really appreciate and precious it. Kenneth, you really being a good fren of mine! He helped me lots on my study without charging me any " consultation meal" ohh.....   LOL.

Thanks, my fren.
Is really such my pleasure, Great Pleasure of mine.... Seriously.

Recently, I'm quite struggling whether should I continue practice in this way or not?
Struggling between my rasionale and emotion, so bad. Aiy.... How lah?
So afraid, the nightmare would fall on me and I believe..... one day soon... urg!
Human being wasnt easy, so complicated and disturbing.

My research question : How to become a Good Human Being?
It's really a battle field between my mind and my desire, feels sucks!
Anyone, solve the problem?


Why the situation doesnt appear as I wish when I think: That's it !
Is this the classic scenario likes drama plays on Tv screen: when she loves you but he doesnt loves her or He loves you but you never have any feeling on him? something like that.... Hate it.
Hmmm... just bear with it now, we will see what happend next loh.... Tears or Laughter? Split Personality?

*Change topic*
I'm seriously piss off and felt disturbing with my presentation on Research Method this morning, F***!

Hey, come on lah...
I had prepared my proposal and the slide shows for few days in a row, and only slept when almost about morning. What is she thinking to "fast forward" and skipped my presentation slide as running out of time. WTH! Now who is the person who gave Long-winded comment on previous presenter which spent longer time than a presentation.... and This is was she did to me in the end of the story lah!

I felt not been respected and everything seem to screw up.....
She really make me feel unhappy about it. So, I have to meet her again to get her feedback if not I wouldnt carry on my research next. Aiy~  Kanasai lah....

The other lecturer also terrible! She is seriously sickening!!!!
You will score marks if you written the thing which she "thinks" she likes and vice versa.... So, I have to REFORMAT myself in order to adopt with what she likes, then only I will score an average! Is this the ugly truth or actually I'm the problem of it? She simply makes me feel that THE CREATIVITY OF STUDENT HAS BEEN "TANWOOIYEELISM" loh... 
Quote from my ex-Broadcasting II lecturer: Cheap! (Teddy Beh, 2009)

... more thing I would like to share before I finish my last line and go to sleep. My admirer said currently he is too busy on his works, so he decided no to court me anymore......  = =;'  Wahahaha, funny? I also really have no idea about this! sweat!
Human being are such a complicated and hardly understanding creature....

Earth is very dangerous, I better get back to my planet !!!

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