Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't Rape me

I really mind and feels sucks since this early morning.
The mark has been printed out and it really screw up my morning. To be frank, I really feel a hard time in this semester especially when you have to commit with the thing that you never like it, BUT you have to. It is "exclusively" SUCKS!

Yea, as she said: I'm the one who is marking your work.
She win!
What more can I defend for myself especially creativity and aesthetic are very subjective, in the end is the matter of Like or Dislike. I Hate it! Serious!
I really gave my best and this is the maximum that I can make- means: Low marks loh.
Dissatified and Anger filling me as I rarely gets this F***ing low marks for most of my assignment works and I stuck with these Software Editing deal now. Aiy.... Some more is coming now which my work got condemned by her again during this "LOVELY MORNING". WTH!

I like my piece of work and I think it is great for ME. However, it doesnt seem to look like very "commercial" as the one in the market now. So, It means -----> TERRIBLE lah!
Now what I should do is to make my Work becoming COMMERCIAL and make her the artwork which SHE LIKES instead of ME LIKE.

OHHHH! sucks! sucks! sucks!
I really don't understand why, why, why every piece of Art couldnt stand for her own beauty and we HAVE TO make changes on ourselves to cater the flavor of these popular market.
It was a sorrow.

Please Don't Rape my creativity and Inspiration.
Release Me!!!

Adobe Illustrator Assignment: My Fruit Drink Packaging Design ( Watermelon Juice)

Photoshop Assignment: My Music Album Cover ( Genre: Sentimental, Concept: Gravestone)
* Under working*

So How?

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