Thursday, April 16, 2009


Daniel :        Kathy happy birthday..Haha..Have a romantic lovely                                 

                     birthday count down? Hahaha..Wish u have it..

Lobong :       HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY Kathy.. wish you all the    

                      best… I should be the first ba..hehe :-p

Sharren :      “Hair P Bird Day”

                      Happy birthday, tall girl. Its me sharren…

Huiz :            My dearest Kathy da jian kek.. happy birthday yo..    

                      Happy 21th years old. Hehee may all your dream     

                      come true. J  muaks…

Yvonne      Dear dear Kathy: Happy birthday   Muack  

                       A birthday kiss for u!

Wan Yee :      Kathy, happy birthday ya ^^ 

Poh Guan :     …Happy Birthday…

                       Wish all ur dream come true n happy always… 

Cherrie :        Kathy…happy birthday ya… 

Fai :              Dear Kathy, Happy birthday to u.

                     Wish you pretty every year,

                     boyfren love you every year, happy birthday~ J 

Suki :           dear my lovely Kathy..happy birthday to u..wish always    

            4ever..gdluck 4ever..n all da best in  

                     everything..gambateh..wish u 2molo has a special n

                     unforgettable birthday..hehe..

                     from ur lovely n cutty sukie…muaks 

Cien Yie :    Happy birthday to u! Wish u all dream can come true!hihi N dun angry me    

                     liao.. ;-) 

Terrance :    Happy birthday 

Sandra :      Happy birthday to you…

                    Happy birthday to you…

                    Happy birthday to you…

                    Happy birthday to you…

                    Happy birthday to you… 

Betty :      happy 21st birthday ya.. Wish u all the best and may ur wishes come true J 

Jin Lee :    哈比birthday! 

Justine :    happy birthday to you ;) 

Derrick :   Happy birthday to u..

                 frm derrick.. 

Yee Shian : Happy birthday! 

小倩:       Hey!

                   Happy Birthday to u

                   Wish all your dreams and wishes will becoming 

                    true……. Frm xiao xiao 

Allan :         Hi! It’s me.

                    I’ve clkimb up your window…

                    Just to saytwo words to U..

                   “Happy birthday!!!” 

Boon Howe :  Hey, wish you have a Happy Birthday & Easter      

                       Monday ya! God Bless!;-) 

Monkey Hung : Happy adult BIRTHDAY! Cat woman!! Ahaa~   

                           hav a blast n all ur wish come true… stay happy           

                           alwaysJ cheers 

Shegui :          Kathy, happy birthday O..wish all ur dream cum  

                        true..pretty always.. 

Jennifer :       Happy 21st birthday Kathy! Hav a blesses one :-D 

Ah Wai :       Happy bday fren. Frm,ah wai 

Cia :              DELIVERY of B’day Cake from Me to U…

                      Happy Birthday! 

Karen :       Hey tall girl! Happy birthday! Dun grow anymore  

                    taller ya! C u in May! 

Stella :       Happy 21st bdae =) wish u hv a great 1 ;-)

Cappucino :      哈哈,我竟然忘记了!你不会怪我吧?迟一天啦,





Anonymous said...

happy im part of it ^^

Catea said...

thank you thank you