Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lemonade LizarD Juice

         I thought of wanna make myself a Lemonade Juice to refresh myself after all day work. After i put in all the Ingredient needed in the blender & blend. Wow~ A glass of refreshing & yummy drinks is ready to serve... Eh? I wonder why my drink floating with little black "dots" thing leh... never mind, maybe was the seed of the lemon. Then, I DRANK. Ehh... weird leh, after i stired it with a tea spoon, i wonder why the seed is becoming bigger & bigger? The seed can absorb water meh? I took out the big SEED & Observed~ I found that seed came with 2 legs without upper body  & it was black in colour. I poured off the rest of the lemonade juice....... YOU GUESS WHAT I FOUND THIS TIME?!   I found A TAIL!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh~ What the point is untill now i still cannot find where the head of the lizard is? I feel like wanna vomit , SO DARM DISGUSTING!!!!!!  YUCK!

                                              Lemonade Juice I make my own with EXtra Ingredient                           

                                                          Young Lizard after Blended with my drink.....

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