Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terkejut SayA!


I went for a movie with my mum & aunty few days ago.... we watched Disaster movie. Well, actually i am not going to talk about the movie but The Car Park Tickect. Oh my GOsh~ I nearly lost it leh...I am the one who keep the tickect but now i LOST it! I was so nervous & scare...

Worry that how if we cannot go home or the guard might treat us like car robber....  We went back to the cinema but we find nothing around tthe places we sat.Before we're leaving & giving up.... HE SAVE US! The guy who picking up the rubbish after show. Muahaha~ thankssssss God! if not i might got killed by my mum because have to pay RM 10.00 for lost tickect. TerkejuT SayA !!!

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