Friday, February 25, 2011

MCP: Is Better!

For the moment, time is the most precious thing that I want more. Because of the MCP, everyone hardly get a good night sleep for the past few week, of course not in the near future too. Most of the time, we'll hav to stay late to work after all day class since early morning...  
You cant believe how black was my dark circle were. 

The backdrop is nicely painted with colors, however it still takes longer time to set up and make sure it able to stand stable during the entire shoot. I would say the backdrop is the most challeging prop that we had in this MCP production and let us realise how talented we're to be a carpenter!

Finally, the rehersal manage to complete all and our dearest talents are apparently getting "fantabulous" when you seen their acting day after day.  *Thumb Up*

I think we're ready for the Take 2 tomorrow!!!

sneak view of the Happy VHC setting  :)

Practice make perfect!


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