Sunday, February 13, 2011


It was a rush new year, just like the rabbit.

The dinning table of reunion dinner is getting smaller;
The dishes of grandma's cooking is getting fewer;
The family members and laughter is getting lesser....
When you hear the silent is louder than the crackers out there.

Reunion Dinner Must Have,
Steamboat Soup with lots of Grandma's Love!

* Drooling *

Reunion dinner attaches important meaning to me and I'm always excited about it, but not this year.
Probably the "preview" of assignment and production works before new year also put some "kan cheong" on me? I think the great part of this new year was able to catch up with my old friends, spent time and had a nice chat together....

Visiting in a big group of frineds from house to house doesnt really excite me anymore, when we smiled to each other and thinking maybe we're getting older? Oh no~

we were the graceful dancer on stage, ever before...

Thanks to Lulu's hero in the kitchen for the dinner!

my favourite food wrapped with childhood's memories.

Mr.Definite Lee !!! 

Laksa that we hardly found for breakfast and....
  so loooooooong..

Albeit it was not really nice but we have NO CHOICE.

Young Su's Korean Ice Cream!

Bbeongtuigi plate, ice-cream sandwiched with rice crackers.

Yogurt and Strawberry ice-cream for me~

Ready for the first bite....

Hmmm...    It was.....  ..

The night before my flight I received Cia's called....

Thanks for your Japanese Dinner, Woman!
Next time is my treat when I meet you again, okay? 

yea, she loves raw food!

She ordered this for me because she thinks I'll certainly like it.
I've to say, you're very sweet...

Fried Toufu? Naw, is Japanese Style Fried Toufu !!!  :p 

Take my advice, please don't get "botak" before you find your Bf !!!

Happie Belated Chinese New Year to you!
I want to wish you:



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