Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MCP: The "Grey" Purple

I believe you will not understand the meaning of MCP if you're not from broadcasting field, which mean Multi-Camera Production. YES, this is a Final Year Project! ..... because we don't write thesis.. 

The production team consist of 19 crews (included me) dying working on our preproduction. Yesterday was the forth time we stayed till late night at university. We baru off from the "workshop" at 12 midnight not longer ago. Finally, the backdrop were painted after struggling for the past few days to make it stand stably, and the best part was the purple paint that we want Looks Like GREY

I'm so glad that our talents is getting better and natural on their acting after last first trial in the studio. That was a miserable experience I would say, Kelam-Kabut! Thanks for their help in our final production, spend time and willing to come all the way so far for the rehearsal without any rewards to them. You guys make the complete piece of the production, it is definitely VHC!

Happy VHC (Very High Class) is the title of our sit.com production about the stories happened in the make-over school between few stylist and special guest in every episode. Want to know more? Follow my blog for the latest update of making.... &

Most importantly the release of The Happy VHC 

[ noob noob crews  :p ]

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