Monday, November 15, 2010

Planet Radio 2010

I've to say the organiser was really thoughtful and sweet! Ok, I know Emanon Yin gonna complain how many time I want to repeat this again and AGAIN..... Hehehe!

Planet Radio Talkshow was an event held by Commercial Radio Malaysia consists of 19 radio stations in Malaysia all you can name it out and it was FREE! The objective of the talkshow is to provide the students the knowledge on how radio works and to know the function of people behind the scene, also gives an idea for those people who "think" they've the passion in radio whether it is really their cup of tea or not. For me, I think NOT   =)


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Venue: Taylor University (Lakeside Campus)

Taylor University just shifted to the new place here

This is only what people call University!

Itu lah me....

*   *   *   *   *   *

The talk show was divided into two session:

 " Rockin the airwaves as Radio Announcers"

Fabes (Fly Fm), Ean (Hitz Fm) & Jeremy (Red Fm)

In this session, the radio announcers shares their experience and Q&A session with the audience. My seat was directly straight to the direction of Ean, he is really Good Looking guy with muscle and slightly saw his tatoo on arm when he moves...... Wah ~

To be frank, I think what Fabes and Ean shares was much more convincing and can feel the grooving of their conversation just like listening to the radio, it was very pleasant and fun talkshow from them. Obviously, experience tells more than anything compare with Jeremy (still new and young) from Red Fm..... I've no idea who is he at the beginning, Oops!

Celebrities photo taking session (as always....)
Record your own "air time" and listen online

Gardenia's bread as breakfast for the participant

*  *  *  *  *  *

" Compliance in the Radio Industry"

Head of Sales- Laura (Suria & Red Fm), Production Engineer- Skeletor (Hitz Fm)
& Assis Manager of Engineering- Simon Lee (Media Prima)

In this session, they're sharing whats the scope of their respective work about from Marketing, Production to Broadcasting..... and you know what? I think Skeletor from Hitz Fm is DAMN freaking cool and of course, he has to be in my Facebook Fren List and it was already Done! Woots! Kinda of disappointed has no chance to take photo with him. No idea who is he still?

Check this out!!!

The remix of radio promo and Club Hitz music (Hitz Fm) that you normally hear
was done by Skeletor and the DJs!

Skeletor @ Kevin Isitor  (Clubs DJ)

Skeletor Scratching!

Thats was really cool and epic awesome! Most of the time, audience only get notice of the "celebrity-ly" announcer instead of the amazing production crews that play such important roles that keeps the airwaves Rock! Thats why Skeletor wins more of my attraction rather than Ean though he is kinda of cute, Blek!

*     *     *     *     *

Thoughtful organiser even prepare us lunch after the event.

How sweet is the chefs help serving us the food   ^^

Nasi goreng with curry and Lemon Tea as refreshment!

Like I said, Planet Radio is very very very thoughtful and lovely as they not only provide us food and free to attend the talkshow........


.... the T-shirt was too BIG for me on this planet

Planet Radio is an effort should be continue, channel giving knowledge and opportunity for those who have a dream in radio and rules the airwaves! To be true, radio announcer nowadays requiring MORE than amazing voice....   so as your "Appearance" or "Personal Unique" beyond the black box!

Good Luck for those who has a BIG DREAM in radio and pray hard that Planet Radio still always FREE and Lovely for the continuous year!!!


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