Monday, November 22, 2010

my books

Books beside my bed ( Read before sleep)

Recently is reading collection of books from Matahari Publisher and thanks to my friend who lend me his New Malaysian Essays 2 for such a long time, he is the one who inspired me to start reading this "Genre" of book. It is really a new challenge for me and I love to take the challenge in order to be a better & wiser person. Why not?

I just manage to finish New Malaysian Essays 2 few days ago because it taken much of my time to look for the meaning of words (mostly don't understand) and digest the content of the author trying to express. Well, I should return the book to the owner too! Suddenly, I feel that all the book that I've always read before were redundant because those are self-enrichment or fiction which doesnt really gives me knowledge and broaden my mind. Probably thats why I found myself can finish reading a book fast before which mean I never put myself " more" to think and pick the mind  from the book instead of reading book that I can easily understand. Here comes the idea: Whats the point?

New Book! 


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