Monday, October 12, 2009

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Still reading ..... almost finish
This book exposed me more about how Air Asia manage to become the most succeeful budget airline in Asia today. I always curious to know b4 this how they able to make high profit by selling seats in rock bottom price or Free seats given out in thousands. I am very impress and admire on Tony Fernandes ( CEO of Air Asia ), the spirit of never give up though there were so many of obstacle and optimistic leader to over come all the challenges. Cool !!! He is very smart business man who make use every single chance with press to promote his company, dont you remember we owes see him with his red cap in every media broadcast? Never know that few advertisement of Air Asia published in Newpaper cames with hidden msg behind sound sarcastic towards S'pore ( Read more from Air Asia Story ). There are more and still another more interesting things I wish to share with you guys that we will never know only after found out from this book. Tony Fernandes is surely the proud of Malaysia and provided me with extra knowledge about the aviation of Malaysia which actually has very close relationship between our goverment and of course the international business giant group of other countries.
I would like to strongly recommend this book to all of you, know better and more about pride of your country, Malaysia Boleh !!!
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Ticket of MBO

During the semester break, I'm so glad able to meet my old school frens ( The only left 2 in Kuching ) Siang & Jennifer. We went for a movie- Sorority Row, at the newly opened cinema in Kuching, Spring Shopping Mall (Good news for Kuching ppl). The cinema looks like a luxury club in certain part but still consider small compared with GSC in KL of course. Anyway, it was a positive and pleasure big foot step of development in Kuching happy to be seeing.
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My beloved ex-dance troup
Our Charmming Director

It was about 9 months long after i left my dance troup to persuade my study at KL. I miss those old good times and every single moment girls had together: neither In front and Behind the stage filled with laughter, of course tears of sorrow. But all this made up the piece of memorable memories~
When i looking at them dancing during lesson, the desire and passion inside to dance was so strong and about to explore especially when the familiar music was playing, how nice would it be if i able to be together among them again, sigh~ Just feel like there were so many delicious cuisine in front of you but u just couldnt eat any of them, urgh.......... darm it !!! That kind of feeling is super duper torturing, I would prefer to dance instead of walk if time allowed. But there is always something we hav to commit when comes to diff stages of life, sigh ~
I Love dancing so much, My dream!
However is really nice able to meet my dancers frens again and lovely director who remains young and beautiful. I hope i able to look for a suitable dance troupe in KL if time and conditions allowed to continue persuade my dream and keep the passion burning inside me. I will try!!!
Dance will never die !!!

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