Sunday, October 11, 2009


This 2009 second semester break, there are 6 more peoples followed me back to my hometown, Kuching, Sarawak. We are On Holidays !

Salute to AK 5208 Captain Luqman (Sama name as our ex-lecturer, Mr Luqman) safely sent us to Kuching International Airport.

Lets Recall back those 5days 4 nights memories we had together in Kuching~

miao... miao.... :)

Isabella Cafe. Celebrated Sukie 21st B'thdayKuching Internatinal Airport. Time to Say GoodbyeTravillion: The Core. Sway with me~ *whistleGirls wants make new fren. My youngest bro
Girls likes make new fren. My yonger bro Girls Loves make new fren. My Sis (Happy 19th B'thday !!!)

大伯公庙 on Lantern' Fes. Pray for all the Best
Jong's Crocodile Farm
Jade Port Taiwan Restaurant 玉壶轩
Jade Port Taiwan Restaurant. They want more !!!
Friendship Part 马中公园. Mv Shooting (Shiok Sendiri)
Jase' Tea Room. Girls loves their waiter a.k.a camera man
Riverside 河滨公园
The most persuassive evidence been to Kuching, Srw.

双好茶室. Their very first dinner in Kuching after arrived.


Dear friends: Mei Ling, Sukie, Cherrie, Fai, Cien Yie & Ey,

Thanks for being my lovely guests and hope you did hav a great vacation in Kuching, Sarawak. Please come again and I'm so willing to tour you guys around, especially we missed the beautiful beach of Sarawak, Damai. Not forgotten, the Buntal seafood as well.... sigh~

I would like to appologise if there were any place that I couldnt make it for u guys, especially after my surgery. Frankly, I seriously felt uncomfortable after the surgery and couldnt make my best to satisfied all your needs, very sorry about that. But I did hav a good night sleep every single night with u girls who talks...... lots, haha~ (* Must come with air-cond in 1st condition, ahem~)

Frankly, you guys were the first ever group of friends I toured around my homeland and it was tired. Hwahahahaha :p Though it was tired and exhausted after every night came to sleep but I am so glad to be tired, really. I am very happy you guys were here together with me during this semester break, I did had a great time with u guys too....

I am very sorry that Ey & Sukie were sicked during the trip, may you guys speedy recover and do had a sweet memory over here. For Ey, I hav to special mention : You are gorgeous!!!

Never know that u can shake like hell, sexy lah~ You impressed me, Lots!
Hope we can go clubbing again, soon ~ wink * ^

Kuching will always welcome u guys with open arms :)
Love group photos !!!

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