Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Big Construction in mouth

03 October 2009 is Lantern Festival also my sis 20th birthday.

My families and friends from Peninsula M’sia gather together to celebrate this warmest festival under one roof. Delicious cuisine and laughter filled the night so fine and everyone did enjoyed themselves so much. However, I only can see cannot eat. Sigh~
Wisdom Tooth from Left Bottom (WTLB)Started decay (top)Splited into few pieces because is too bigWisdom Tooth from Right Bottom (WTRB)




The entire surgery took 1 and half hour to complete for 2 wisdom tooth (RM1100), surprisingly it was not that scary and pain as I expected. Dr.Teah is a very tender and nice doctor, he enlighten my hard time during the surgery because he talked a lots with his assistance about the gossip of previous patient … He is very sweet and tender dentist : )

3 Injections of narcotin for each sideSurgical Instrument

My bloody wisdom tooth with gum

Dr. Teah is sorry for me when the injections were a bit painful;
He is sympathy & comfort me : Oh, pity young girl ~ ....... when I moaned of pain.
He praised me is a good and tough patient after the surgery done.
His words and support made me felt no fear at all, he is very cool!

Dr. Teah was exhausted after surgery because he has to use up all his energy from sit to stand to pull out my HUGE wisdom tooth though was already splited into 2, Haha~
And I not even realised when he alredy taken out the tooth and start to do sewing .

However, I can feel the "pulling" step was very ROUGH just like pulling a stubborn donkey unwilling to go.
Currently, I couldnt really take any solid food yet and "sucking" is the only way stay me alive to avoid the wound from bleeding. As i remember the blood couldnt stop bledding out from my mouth jus like got poisoned for 6 hours after surgery, I used up almost 1 box of tissue to spit out the slaver with blood which not allowed to swallow back. That day was miserable and darm suffer especially when the narcotin started to withdrawal, such a torture for me.
After all, looking at people enjoying their delicious cuisine is cant torture even more for me.
I miss "Bite".


lulu_ma said...

this is really scary man! wow! the size of ur teeth....

Catea said...

yea. Dr Teah also "wonder" my wisdom tooth were darm HUGE. Haha~ He kept repeated saying : This is difficult, very hard...." :)