Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sorrow of A young teacher

f you wish to live longer, teacher surely will not be the best choice for you. It will shorten your life & let you feel EXTREMELY TERRIBLE everyday. Now then i know that why all the teacherS who ever taught me before since primary school until now... Most of them has no smiley face... only face students with very cool look. Because they DIE HEART to their student already. Sigh~

Believe or not? I cried today in front of the students in the classroom. I really cannot stand with their noisy, rudeness & impolite.... after you had "advised" them for thousand thousand times... I truly don't how to continue teach them anymore. Ever scolded them; ever refered this case to the principal; advised from the principal.... i "kek sim" until cried in the classroom but they still don't feel any "kick" at all! They might be quiet down when & after you scolded them.. but they will back to square again after A While... aiy~ I really have no point at all to those "monkeys" students, especially those going to turn into secondary school students... Hard to teach! If i have the authority i wish to give them a big SLAP to make myself feel better..... someday. After being a teacher now only i know is not easy to become a good teacher, i especially respect & appreciated to all my ex-teachers... You all are so Great, i would like to pay my respect to all the teacher ... thank you, teacher.
memo: Becoming a teacher is slowly commit suicide, warning!


lulu_ma said...

now you know why i cried last time while teaching in a secondary school

Ndy said...

dun worry honey, i'll always be here and support u with all that i got.. and i'll kick their ass if i need to...